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A collection of resources used by governments and agencies to create technology-driven programs to innovate, connect with citizens, improve services like health, education, or economy and in general lead transformation across the public sector. See specific Open governance initiatives and State and regional government technology

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The eCityGov Alliance offers easily accessible online government services. Our regional solutions provide one-stop convenience and deliver services from the customer perspective.

Services Week UK

Services week is a nationwide, cross-government event that looks at how we can work together to deliver end-to-end, user-focused services.


We are civic tech collaboration that partners with the community to design technology-driven programs and services.

GovLab Arnsberg

helps government employees in Arnsberg develop both the skills and understanding necessary for a modern, innovative government that focuses on meeting the needs of citizens

Citizen Foundation

Bringing people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities while connecting citizens to governments to build up trust.

New York City Civic Engagement Commission

The Civic Engagement Commission will enhance civic participation, promote civic trust, and strengthen democracy in New York City.

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