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A directory of catalogs, collections, and galleries of resources aimed at strengthening the civic tech ecosystem (like the Civic Tech Field Guide itself).

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Brexit Tools

A collection of tools and resources to learn and act on Brexit.

Asset declarations map

This is an assessment of efficiency and functioning of asset disclosure systems in 18 CEE countries.

The Public Impact Observatory

The Public Impact Observatory Welcome to our Public Impact Observatory, a unique database of public policy case studies. Using our Public Impact Fundamentals we have analysed hundreds of examples of public policy succeeding or failing, drawing out the key lessons for future policy work

Civic Exchange EU

A platform for improving public services by showcasing and promoting the reuse of civic software.

Digital Impact

Digital Impact (formerly Markets for Good) is an initiative of the Digital Civil Society Lab to improve the data infrastructure for social good and help civil society organizations use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively.

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