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Tools and platforms that share official communications and democratic processes

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CouncilStat NYC

A source of complaint data to help NYC's City Council be more responsive to constituents

The number one reason people give for not getting involved in an issue or election is that they don’t know how. Solving this problem led us to create Our groundbreaking free-to-join platform makes citizen action as easy as buying a book online.

Peak Democracy

Peak Democracy Inc is a nonpartisan company that provides Open Town Hall - a cloud-based online citizen engagement platform that increases participation and builds public trust in government.

Caminos de la Villa

Caminos de la Villa es una plataforma de acción ciudadana que permite acceder de manera sencilla a la información vinculada con los procesos de urbanización en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y ver de qué manera se están llevando adelante. ¡Sumate!

Public engagement toolkit

Effective public engagement is not easy to achieve. This roadmap helps organizations get to where they want to go.


AnimaCité est une application mobile de consultation citoyenne à l'échelle locale.

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