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Factchecking is a longstanding approach to fighting disinformation, where individual claims, speeches, and rumors can be researched and verified or debunked.

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Factly strives to cultivate civic participation and engaging citizens in accessing, understanding, and using important government data/information at various levels

Ethiopia Check

Ethiopia Check debunks claims and exposes fake news using its platforms on Facebook (52,000 followers), Twitter (7,000 followers) and Telegram (34,000 followers).

Fact Check Initiative Japan

FIJ is a non-profit organization for the promotion of Japanese fact-checking aimed at protecting society from mis/disinformation.

Fact Check Nigeria

Was a non-partisan advocate of civic awareness and participation. We contribute to the political process in our country by providing facts to counter politically motivated deception and falsehood. Our goal is to equip citizens with facts gathered through scholarship, investigative journalism, and aggregation of other useful information already in public domain to increase public knowledge and understanding and support informed political choices.

Fact Crescendo

Fact Crescendo is an independent, unbiased fact-checking website that is committed to bringing the fact behind every news, debunking mis-interpreted & hoax news on a daily basis on false, mis-informed, social media as well as mainstream media.

El Sabueso

Animal Politico's fact-checking project. "Fooling a dog is difficult."


DUBAWA is Nigeria’s independent verification and fact-checking platform, initiated by the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) and supported by the most influential newsrooms and civic organisations in the country to help amplify the culture of truth in public discourse, public policy, and media practice.

Ecuador Chequea

Data enriches public debate and therefore strengthens democracy. An informed society is capable of making conscious decisions.


DisinfoWatch is a Canadian foreign disinformation monitoring and debunking platform.

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