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Disinformation campaigns by states, economic opportunists, and the misinformed themselves threaten to erode the common understandings, shared identities, and empirical bedrock that underlies our collective decisionmaking. While disinformation campaigns have used mass media to spread for many years, social media platforms have proven an exceptionally hospitable environment for the proliferation of falsehoods. Those looking to limit disinformation’s effect on society and bolster truth in media have likewise turned to technology to help keep up with the volume and precision of constantly evolving disinformation campaigns.

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Harnessing Data Science to Measure and Counter Hate Speech & Crime

VHacks at the Vatican

VHacks is a hackathon taking place at the Vatican City in Rome on the weekend of March 8-11, 2018. Students from all nationalities and faith-backgrounds are invited for 36 hours of ideation and innovation to address problems in areas of social inclusion, interfaith dialogue, and migrants & refugees. These 120 students will work in teams…


IVOW (Intelligent Voices of Wisdom) is an early stage startup ​focusing on cultural intelligence in AI.

Every Vote In

This easy-to-use tool from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office will guide you through the ways you can cast your ballot safely in 2020.


Ulule: The 1st European crowdfunding site. Already 24208 projects funded with success. Make good things happen!

Open Government and Civic Technology Facebook Group

Civic Technology and Open Government - Global #civictech #opengov has 7,413 members. ‎Global exchange on civic technology, open government, open data,...

Whole Whale's podcast

Whole Whale's podcast

55 Prospect St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Using the Whole Whale Podcast has been covering stories of marketing and technology since 2014 reaching over 4,000 nonprofit professionals a week.

Every Public Meeting

Every Public Meeting

United States of America (the)

Local meetings happen all the time. Let’s make showing up easy.

The Big Send

Vote Forward volunteers encourage fellow citizens to participate in our democracy by writing and sending letters at their own expense. A diverse community of more than 150,000 volunteers from all over the country has written letters in 2020.


Tella is a secure documentation app for Android, making it easier and safer to produce verifiable evidence and collect data in challenging environments

National Science Foundation

NSF's mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country.

Rec1 / CivicRec

Leader in recreation management software for local government parks and recreation departments

WhatsApp Research Awards for Social Science and Misinformation

For this first phase of our program, WhatsApp is commissioning a competitive set of awards to researchers interested in exploring issues that are related to misinformation on WhatsApp.



United States of America (the)

Original Version of govwiki - May 2015

European Commission Recommendation for Coronavirus response mobile data and apps

A common EU approach for the use of mobile applications and mobile data in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Election performance index

Election performance index

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Elections Performance Index (EPI) compares election administration policy and performance across the states and from one election cycle to the next.

Radical visions of future government

Radical visions of future government

58 Victoria Embankment London, United Kingdom

17 visions of the future of government. Features essays, provocations, thought experiments, fiction, speculative design and original art, with each one asking the reader to consider the implications of an idea about something fundamentally different in the future.

The Hackable City

The Hackable City is a research project that explores the potential for new modes of collaborative citymaking, in a network society.

Worker Tech Meetup

Worker Tech Meetup

Bristol, United Kingdom

We're kicking off an event series to bring together people interested in exploring the use of tech to create better work for all.


Fund projects that make local places better. Millions in matchfunding available. Crowdfund a project idea on Spacehive now.

Village Capital

Village Capital finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems.

Système D

Système D propulse les projets innovants qui améliorent la démocratie grâce à un programme d'accompagnement gratuit de 6 mois.

The Data Coalition

The Data Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data.

Impact Engine

Impact Engine is an investment firm with a mission to bring more capital to a market where financial returns are linked to positive social and environmental impacts.


We enable leading organisations working in the peace, justice and humanitarian sector to spearhead digital innovations to increase their impact on society.


The online voting software used by millions around the world. Technology responsibles from multiple organizations have chosen nVotes to run their elections · Secure online voting system · Run polls in minutes and increase voter participation · Create your election fast and easy with our election management tool.

Proto's WhatsApp Checkpoint Tipline

“The Checkpoint tipline is primarily used to gather data for research, and is not a helpline that will be able to provide a response to every user.”

Eaton House

Eaton House

Hong Kong

It is a dynamic take on the working club for innovators, activists, progressive thinkers, and creatives.

Policy Tracker

Policy Tracker

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Tracks progress on all of the government’s manifesto promises, includes explainers and ways to get more involved.

Trusting News Project

Beginning in January 2016, our team interviewed journalists and nonjournalists to get a sense of the elements that create trust and credibility between communicator and receiver. We read related academic research and industry best practices.

Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

Adoption of self-driving, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) promises to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents, but some inevitable accidents will requi...

Get Bad News

A game that puts you in the mindset of propagandists and agents promoting fake news, propaganda and hate-speech to help the user understand how fake news is made and promoted

Let's Talk App

Let's Talk App

South Africa

The App was designed on the basis of good governance. Municipalities are the closest form of government to the people – Let’s Talk bridges the gap between elected officials local government sphere with their respective constituencies. The effective and efficient rolewithin the to believe in the idea of a social contract, its institutions and rules. – accountability is the realization and acknowledgement that citizens,and transparency – accountability is the realization and acknowledgement that citizens, through the ballot, are the ones the authorise politicians to assume public offices, as such, they must be accountable to them; transparency meaning the knowledge of what government officials are doing and how money is being spent amongst others. This is the type of accountability and transparency the Let’s Talk App envisages.

First Draft News

First Draft News

Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

First Draft began in 2015 as a small nonprofit coalition that grew out of a need to understand, debunk, and provide guidance on the misinformation we all were seeing on the social web. It will live on as the Information Futures Lab.

Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation

Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation

200 S Michigan Ave. Suite 1000 Chicago, IL 60604

At Mikva Challenge, we challenge high school students, teachers, and schools across Chicagoland to be active participants in the political process.

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