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Digital or analog games and activities designed to promote civic engagement and awareness through play. Many of the digital games are one-off projects, and aren’t maintained over long periods of time (for example, when browsers remove support for Adobe Flash). Gamification seeks to bring elements and mechanics of gameplay to more arduous tasks, like registering to vote.

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Governance Game

This is an interactive game on governance of Public Code. Use this as a way to get a conversation and reflection about governance started. We aim to use it during early incubation of a codebase, or perhaps even earlier. You can of course play the game totally without our involvement, it is probably useful for any constellation that have a codebase to govern.

The Revolution of Our Times

An Android game that provided users with an immersive role playing experience of the 2019 Hong Kong protests


RePresent is a law game that provides self-represented parties in Connecticut with foundational advocacy experience.

Cast Your Vote

Cast Your Vote teaches students how to evaluate what they hear politicians say, and to determine if they think they will keep their word in office.


Welcome to CiviClub. A community of people who think that being responsible with our society and our environment is not an obligation but a great opportunity.

Bad News

From fake news to chaos! How bad are you? Get as many followers as you can.

Hello Syracuse!

The Hello Syracuse! app encourages you to get out and explore the City of Syracuse and your local community.

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