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Resources to help you find financial support for your work, no matter which type you seek.

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Small Token

Create a charitable gift registry with your favorite nonprofits and invite your friends and family to donate.

Network for Good

Refreshingly easy-to-use fundraising software and tools for nonprofits looking for a complete fundraising solution to support their mission. Cultivate donor relationships and generate new supporters, while saving time and raising more money. Network for Good makes fundraising simple for you.

WhatsApp Research Awards for Social Science and Misinformation

For this first phase of our program, WhatsApp is commissioning a competitive set of awards to researchers interested in exploring issues that are related to misinformation on WhatsApp.

Innovation in Democracy Programme

Trialling the involvement of citizens in decision-making at local government level through innovative models of deliberative democracy.

The Whitman Institute

The Whitman Institute advances social, political, and economic equity by funding dialogue, relationship-building, and inclusive leadership.

Urban US

The first venture fund for startups that are making cities better.

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