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Technologies to collect, plot, and display geographic data.

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The Free Speech Project

The Free Speech Project at Georgetown University works to document and analyze the ways Free Speech is threatened in the United States through its flagship enterprise, the Free Speech Tracker, an online tool for monitoring Free Speech challenges and controversies in education, civil society, and government.

Axon Vibe

Axon Vibe provides smartphone app technology that enables public transport operators to deliver personalized communications based on users’ commuting behavior.

City Innovation survey and map

Explore how cities around the world are applying innovation methods to tackle their tough challenges


A single platform to design for multiple transportation modes to thrive in your city.

Million Dollar Blocks

Illinois allocates an incredible amount of money to incarcerate people from Chicago's poorest neighborhoods — sometimes millions for residents on individual city blocks. There are more effective ways to invest public dollars.


The Streetwyze app is the world’s first neighborhood navigator powered by local knowledge.


Expose voter suppression and election interference as you witness it to a live map with SeeSay2020.

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