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Technologies to collect, plot, and display geographic data.

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Safe City

Safecity provides you with a collection of curated resources ranging from safety products, mobile applications, self defence classes and important legal information to help you stay safe and take necessary action in case you have been harassed. You can reach out to us to connect you to an advocate in our circle.


Bonayo is free user-supported software that helps San Francisco citizens see every 311 call in the City.

Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map visualizes the most powerful DDoS attacks happening in the world right now

Enforcement Proceedings Map

The interactive map of over-indebtedness in the Czech Republic based on real data from Central register of enforcement proceedings (financial executions)

LAND: Land Access for Neighborhood Development

The Land Access for Neighborhood Development (LAND) mapping tool visualizes the distribution of local institutional and government-owned vacant and underused properties.

Urban Data Explorer

We have developed a data visualisation app which enables you to upload and visualise exports from both the Tombolo Digital Connector and your commonly used GIS systems online.

Poplus Mapit

Solve your app’s administrative boundary problems, easily

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