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Technologies to collect, plot, and display geographic data.

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Urban Data Explorer

We have developed a data visualisation app which enables you to upload and visualise exports from both the Tombolo Digital Connector and your commonly used GIS systems online.

Poplus Mapit

Solve your app’s administrative boundary problems, easily

Mobile Coverage Maps

The Michigan Moonshot is Merit’s commitment to ending the digital divide. The Michigan Moonshot aims to leverage public and private partnerships to connect everyone in rural Michigan, regardless of geography. The Moonshot Team needs citizen scientists, like YOU to help us gather data about the internet in your community.

COVID-19 map

Members of built a page that matches government information on the recent movements of confirmed coronavirus patients with users' location history based on Google Maps Timeline to check whether or not they may have had contact with the patients, and if so — where and when.

Urban Forest Map

A collaboration of government, nonprofits, and you to map all the trees of San Francisco's urban forest and understand the ecosystem services they provide.


We build open source software, digital infrastructure, and governance frameworks to enable public-private collaboration and the seamless exchange of transport data.

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