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Code for Buffalo

As a Code for America Brigade, we're part of a national network of civic-minded volunteers using technology for the public good.


Activists from 15 countries taking on kleptocracy, political violence, technology, and environmental crisis.

Code for Phoenix

The Phoenix Brigade focuses on civic hacking, municipal innovation, and citizen engagement in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

European Hub for Civic Engagement

The European Hub for Civic Engagement is envisioned as a platform where European civil society and its civic tech community connect.

Code for Ibaraki

It is a non-profit voluntary organization whose base is Ibaraki Prefecture (we call it a community). Code for Ibaraki's

Code for Sacramento

We connect civic technologists with project leaders who have ideas for community solutions.

Public Interest Technology Summit

The Public Interest Technology Summit is the evolution of the Alumni Digital Summit hosted last October in collaboration with Alumni Relations.

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