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Digital conversation hubs for conversations of civic import. They are often designed to facilitate constructive dialogues, but sometimes fail by attempting to creating new destinations rather than embrace existing community hubs.

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Mic covers news, opinion, reviews and analysis around arts, entertainment, celebrity, LGBTQ, social justice, police brutality, dating, sex, feminism, body positivity, space, innovation, climate change.

Lonely Coders Club

this Slack has over 200 members who identify as “lonely coders,” technologists who are alone or one of just a few folks in their newsroom who work with tech and data.

DebateWise is an online database of expert-curated debates on popular topics.

The Civic Cloud Collaborative

Problem Statement Burlington has a super fast network throughout the city. Even if local groups, organizations, or individuals can get access to the internet and city network at insanely fast speeds, this does not guarantee ready access to the sorts of infrastructure a website, web application, backup system, data library, or private communications system might require. In short, the high-speed internet Burlington is so lucky to have is one part of the whole, when talking about building and deploying digital services. Project Summary The Civic Cloud provides the raw infrastructure upon which to build the rest, or at least many, of the remaining services that might be needed or wanted. The Civic Cloud is only available for use by the local government, educational entities, local non-profits, NGOs, and local Burlingtonians doing civic oriented non-profit projects. For example, the Code For BTV website runs on the Civic Cloud!


Loomio helps groups of people make decisions together, online


Flux is a new political party designed to connect Australians directly to Parliament and change politics forever!

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