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Systems that document, distribute, and otherwise make legible the legislative process, including parliamentary monitoring.

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Bill To Text turns PDFs of federal legislation into text files. It provides a formatted document that you can download and edit with a word processor program.


CONSUL is a tool that allows a city to develop with little time and safely processes of citizen participation on the Internet.

Österreichs erfolgreichste Politik-Orientierungshilfe im Internet


“Jamnevisi” provides a platform which public – specially scholars and stakeholders – can participate in the process of providing the draft of country’s legal texts; a platform which significantly will result in the improvement and debugging of legal texts of the country.

Marsad Majles

“Marsad Majles” is Al Bawsala's project to monitor Tunisia's National Constituent Assembly (NCA).

Direct Democracy Database

The Direct Democracy Database allows users to explore the different ways direct democracy is used in different countries.

CO/COUNSEl making the law accessible through crowdsourced legal maps. Browse the law in a map or in the easy-to-use columns. Contribute and be recognized. Become a thought leader in your field. Be a hero! Free the law and help make the nation a fairer place.

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