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Technology that quantifies the physical environment, such as traffic or environmental factors

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Hello Lampost

The playful, city wide system that lets you talk to street furniture.

Sidewalk Toronto

A vision for unlocking the eastern waterfront’s potential.

Harlem Heat Project

Produced with AdaptNY and ISeeChange, along with WE ACT for Environmental Justice. WNYC's resilience reporting is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation.


Heat Seek's sensors monitor heat for New York City tenants during heat season.


We are here to give you actionable information about the quality of your city's air, water and sound.


FutureAir's first product, SAM™, is a Smart Air Manager that senses, manages and improves indoor air quality. SAM™ is designed by a world-renowned industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove. With proprietary sensing technology, SAM™ can identify the presence of toxins in the air, then initiate actions through an API with cloud computing; and, execute appropriate counter-measures to improve indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.


TaKaDu is a leading provider of Integrated Event Management solutions, enabling water utilities to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions.

Beijing Air Tracks

The causes and effects of air pollution comprise a complicated chemical recipe that is all too easily reduced to superficial observation (the color of the sky) or an abstract statistical reading from static instruments. In reality, the total experience of a city’s air quality is a combination of highly localized as well as more regional effects that shift in intensity as one moves through an urban landscape.

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