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There's a rich ecosystem of related and overlapping fields with civic tech, including those that predate civic tech. People define the field with broader or more narrow scopes in mind, so here we track related work areas.

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Police Case

Police Case uses popular TV culture to educate the public about legal rights and the justice system.


Wagbot is a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot designed to answer questions from school children about sexualhealth and related issues.


In4Justice is an online dispute resolution service, and provides an alternate dispute resolution mechanism for small claim settlements.

Text a Lawyer

Text a Lawyer offers users the option to ask a legal question to, or request legal assistance from a pool of lawyers.


Pokket℠ connects justice agencies and human service providers with returning citizens to break the cycle.

Project Lemon Aid

Project Lemon Aid matches people awaiting trial behind bars with pro bono lawyers who can represent their case.

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