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Data and tools designed to help people vote by informing voters about registration requirements, ballot information, districts, and election dates, locations, and procedures.

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Our mission is to empower all eligible US citizens to become voters. That starts with voter registration.


Voksmonitor 2018 - Melyik párt áll hozzád a legközelebb?


E.thePeople is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is the nation's leading provider of interactive voter guide software.

Vox Pop Labs

We create survey-based applications that organize information in ways which are easily accessible, scientifically rigorous, and profoundly personalized. In so doing, we offer compelling online experiences that promote civic engagement and informed dialogue.


If knowledge is a door to information, data is the key. When you’re talking about politics and government, information is extremely important to those who are making decisions on who to vote for and what legislation to get behind or block.

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