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Data and tools designed to help people vote by informing voters about registration requirements, ballot information, districts, and election dates, locations, and procedures.

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Protect the Vote

Protect the Vote is a national coalition of nonpartisan organizations focused on making sure everyone can vote. They have great volunteer opportunities across the country.

Your Fucking Polling Place

A parodical -- but functional -- polling place lookup site modeled on 'What's for fucking dinner?'


DemTools is designed to help empower civil society organizations, political parties and legislatures around the world by applying technology solutions to common challenges

The Center for Election Science

We hope these tools help you out in running your next election. If you do not have word processing or spreadsheet software, you can use Libre Office or Open Office for free. If you've found this resource valuable, please tell others and consider a donation. Additionally, we do not offer resources for plurality elections because it is an awful voting method and should never be used.

U.S. Digital Response

We place experienced, pro-bono technologists to work with government and organizations responding to crisis, to quickly deliver critical services and infrastructure that support the needs of the public. We’re non-partisan, fast, and free.

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