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Data and tools designed to help people vote by informing voters about registration requirements, ballot information, districts, and election dates, locations, and procedures.

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Analysen und Visualisierungen der Daten zur Bundestagswahl 2017 in Karlsruhe. Größte Änderungen, Wechselwähler, Erststimmen und mehr Statistiken.

A collaborative fact-checking project for the Philippines’ 2019 elections bringing together 11 news organizations and 3 universities to counter disinformation and provide the public with verified information


Tactical Remain voting in the UK European elections 2019

Az Glasuvam

„АЗ ГЛАСУВАМ” е специално разработена платформа. С нейна помощ, лесно ще можете да се информирате за всички важни моменти от изборния процес в България.


A project in the Netherlands to enable digital voting on the blockchain

Power the Polls

Power the Polls makes it really easy to sign up to become a poll worker and ensure that there are enough people to staff voting locations across the country.


See which American political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives match your beliefs based on the 2018 issues that are most important to you.

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