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Preteckt studies vehicle data from buses to predict system failures at least 48 hours before the Check Engine light is activated and the bus must be removed from service. Preteckt’s insights have the potential to reduce time spent on maintenance, prevent service disruptions and reduce fleet costs.


Our goal at Transitland is to make sense of the jumble here in the SF Bay Area. We're mapping those buses, trains, streetcars, ferries, and even cable cars.

Axon Vibe

Axon Vibe provides smartphone app technology that enables public transport operators to deliver personalized communications based on users’ commuting behavior.


A single platform to design for multiple transportation modes to thrive in your city.


NIMBY Rails is both our most personal, and most ambitious game. After playing thousands of hours of transportation simulation games, we were left wondering what could happen if some of the traditional limits of the genre didn't exist: in map sizes, track layout complexity, or train scheduling. NIMBY Rails was born out of the desire of playing a game without these limits. Of wanting to blurry the lines between a game and a real world design tool.


An app that allows citizens to easily measure and report when public buses are driving past the speed limit

MTA Genius Transit Challenge

As part of a wide-ranging effort to upgrade the subway system’s capacity and reliability, all the winning ideas will be thoroughly vetted and further developed as quickly as possible with future procurements subject to any required MTA Board approval.

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