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405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

#CredCon is an ongoing two-day hackathon that considers the impact of technology on news and information sources online and explores themes such as trust, reliability, accuracy and credibility.

Outfox AI

Outfox AI

New York City

Outfox AI is an intuitive, low-cost Facebook ad-buying platform for down-ballot progressive campaigns and causes.

Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions Journalism Network: We train and connect journalists to cover what’s missing in today’s news: how people are responding to problems.

id kaart Estonia

Discover the Estonian eID (Estonian: ID-kaart), its major applications and benefits for all citizens.

Caminos de la Villa

Caminos de la Villa

Thames 1024, DCV, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminos de la Villa es una plataforma de acción ciudadana que permite acceder de manera sencilla a la información vinculada con los procesos de urbanización en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y ver de qué manera se están llevando adelante. ¡Sumate!

The Urbanist

The Urbanist

Seattle, WA, United States of America

The Urbanist serves to examine and influence urban policies by promoting and disseminating ideas, creating community, and improving the places we live.

K-Monitor mobile app

Örömmel tudatjuk, hogy – a K-Monitor webes felületének közelgő megújulásával szinkronban – a mai naptól elérhető a K-Monitor új okostelefonos alkalmazása

Data Cívica

Data Cívica

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Más datos para más personas. Usamos datos, desarrollamos tecnología y capacitamos para construir ciudadanía y organizaciones más fuertes.

Civic Studios

Civic Studios

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The production house focuses on creating content in the genre of Civic Entertainment, i.e. films, TV, digital content, radio content, etc. which can be used to encourage civic participation with public institutions, and thus strengthen democracy.

Translators Without Borders

Translators without Borders is a global community of over 100,000 members helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.



New York City

Social change organizations job platform



425 Broadway, New York, NY, USA

Placemeter is an open urban intelligence platform. Create your account to automatically quantify pedestrian and vehicular movement for a selected area: streets, parks, stores, and much more.



TechHub London, Clere Street, London, UK

A political data and intelligence start-up helping to connect the public and politicians.

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

Established in 1993, Joint Venture Silicon Valley provides analysis and action on issues affecting our region’s economy and quality of life.

Clearspending Russia

Автоматизированный мониторинг и аналитика по заключенным госконтрактам – инструменты для общественного анализа, выявления злоупотреблений, борьбы с коррупцией и неэффективным расходованием государственных средств.

Arena Housing Project

Open collaborative network for journalists and other researches, experts and engaged people working on housing across Europe

Bitfury land registry in Georgia

The blockchain-based land-titling project is being presented at both Harvard and the United Nations.




M-Haki allows users to send SMS messages with legal questions, which the organisation’s lawyers and volunteerlawyers answer for a small fee.

Labor Research Action Network Mailing List

The mailing list hosted by Action Network, an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes.

Make a Difference Asia

Make a Difference (MaD) is a regional think-and-do collaborative platform – where you can explore creativity for good, meet cross-disciplinary changemakers and synergize across sectors for innovative solutions to social challenges.

Participa Portugal

A maneira fácil de participar nas consultas públicas lançadas em Portugal

Village Capital Accelerators

Entrepreneurs, sign up for our Abaca platform to get notified when a relevant accelerator opens up

Urban Systems

Urban Systems

Kamloops, BC

Urban Systems is an inter-disciplinary professional practice providing strategic planning, engineering, environmental science, and urban design services to both public and private sector clients throughout Western Canada.

MoCho: Mobility Choices and Societal Impacts

This tool helps predict the choices of mobility modes made at the individual level throughout the entire Boston Metro area.

Center for Open Data Enterprise

CODE, founded as the Center for Open Data Enterprise, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to maximize the value of open and shared data for the public good. We achieve that mission by working with government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and researchers who are both data providers and data users.


Supply chain mapping software that enables companies to trace products to the source – tracking social, financial, and environmental risks every step of the way

US Web Design Standards

Design and build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly government websites backed by user research.

Blue Labs

We solve your toughest challenges with expert data science – for businesses, campaigns, and government.

Bouge Ma Ville

Bouge Ma Ville

165 Avenue Aristide Briand, 94230 Cachan, France

L'application mobile à destination des mairies et des collectivités locales pour signaler les problèmes rencontrés dans votre ville, dans votre rue. Géolocalisation et catégorisation pour envoi directement au bon service technique municipal.

UN Global Pulse Lab Kampala radio analysis with machine learning

We analysed people’s public discussions about refugees as the crisis started and high influx of refugees fled into Uganda in mid July 2016. The pilot was conducted to “take the pulse” of the South Sudan refugee crisis based on people’s voices as expressed publically on radio in Uganda. While the data analysed is not representative of the overall universe of analysis, valuable insights on the unfolding crisis were found. Big data provided in this case anecdotal evidence of emerging issues relevant to feed early warning systems.

Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS)

To connect Taiwan and the world, PDIS incubates and facilitates public digital innovation and service, optimises the processes and tools of the public service with design thinking, guides the public sector to adopt social innovations and collaborate with communities of practice.



Pusugrunu, Suriname

Terrastories is a geostorytelling application built to enable local communities to locate and map their own oral storytelling traditions about places of significant meaning or value to them.

The Open Law Platform

The Open Law Platform empowers you to focus on high-value tasks, auto-updates the legal code as laws become effective, and improves how you connect with citizens.




Vilsquare strives to achieve digital transformation in different communities across Nigeria and all Africa, through use of open science technologies and methodologies

Open Definition


DC Domestic Violence Court Watch Project

The mission of the DC Domestic Violence Court Watch Project is to create transparency and data-driven information through court monitoring to ensure that all victims of domestic violence have equal access to a clear, fair and consistent judicial process that prioritizes victim safety and offender accountability.

State Decoded

The State Decoded parser can either be modified to use bespoke PHP to parse a legal code in its native format, or it can parse a prescribed XML format. This is a totally invented XML format. There is no legal code that is provided in this format. It is provided as an option because, via XSLT, it can be substantially easier to convert an existing XML to this format than to write a parser for it in PHP.

Code for Nerima

Code for Nerima

Nerima City, Tokyo, Japan

The Code for Japan Brigade based in Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Assessing Civic Tech: Additional Tools & Resources

We have compiled and organized more detailed information on specific topics to help operationalize recommendations in the guides and provide links to useful articles, examples and existing evaluation reports we found in our research.

Data Justice Lab

Data Justice Lab

Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK

The Data Justice Lab examines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and big data

The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

Our Mission is to empower people through inclusive economies by conducting & supporting various academic research & strategic philanthropic investments.

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies works to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.

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