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Cyber Defense Assistance Collaborative (CDAC)

The Cyber Defense Assistance Collaborative (CDAC) is a group of leading cybersecurity companies, former U.S. government officials, and top U.S. cyber defense leaders who came together to provide operational cyber defense assistance to Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion.

Seattle By Design

Seattle By Design

Seattle, WA, United States of America

A pilot program that connected a cohort of volunteer experts with City staff to answer questions and make recommendations using best practices in user research. Seattle By Design is a partnership between U.S Digital Response (USDR) and Seattle Innovation & Performance.

Ampliando Democracia

Ampliando Democracia

Madrid (Spain)

Ampliando Democracia, un podcast para los que el voto les sabe a poco.

coletivo delibera

O coletivo delibera trabalha com uma forma inédita e democrática de atuação da sociedade nas decisões de pautas políticas do país, de comunidades, de cidades e até mesmo de bairros.

Platform Commons Eco

A powerful & impactful software that helps manage volunteers and their impact. Signup for a Demo

A state-of-the-art, white-labeled, job marketplace solution for governments and nonprofits. Visit Commons.Jobs



Latin America

La solución gratuita e intuitiva para que des tus primeros pasos en la gestión de contactos y donantes


Peer 2 Peer fundraiser for individuals, teams & supporters

Fundación Somos

Fundación Somos

San Martín de los Andes, Argentina

Comprometidos con los asuntos públicos, trabajamos en el Desarrollo y Aplicación de herramientas para sociedades más democráticas, participativas e inclusivas.

Long-running progressive digital organizing group based in the US

Peer 2 Peer Support

UN-OCHA's Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Support Project is a tool of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC). It's main objective is to provide senior level inter-agency peer support to Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs) and Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) to strengthen the delivery of collective humanitarian assistance and protection in country operations.

Politics Rewired

Politics Rewired

United States of America (the)

Hundreds of campaigns ⁠— from city council races to Bernie 2020 ⁠— rely on Rewired technology and expertise to build political power from the bottom up.

Bingwa Civic Tech Lab

Bingwa Civic Tech Lab

Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

We are Bingwa Civic Tech Lab, a youth-led initiative based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, supporting technically the community and civil society organisations through co-creative and collaborative processes to implement digital solutions informing decision makers and different stakeholders to improve social services

Chicago Digital Services Team

The Digital Services team works to make city services more accessible and inclusive for Chicago residents. It’s our mission to listen, amplify, and design with the community to build better technology experiences for everyone.

Digital Commons Lab

Digital Commons Lab (DCL) is a research laboratory of the Digital Society center of FBK with the goal to design, develop and analyze digital commons based on open data.

Stichting Netwerk Democratie

Netwerk Democratie’s mission rests on two pillars: Digital democracy and the democratisation of technology.

UN HABITAT Digital Cities Toolkit

An open source Policy Toolkit for cities to develop digital policies that put citizens at the center, tackle Sustainable Development Goals and make Governments more open, transparent, and collaborative.

Interoperable Europe

Interoperable Europe is the initiative of the European Commission for a reinforced public sector interoperability policy. The Interoperable Europe Act proposes a strategic interoperability cooperation mechanism across the European Union.




FathomNet is an open-source image database for understanding our ocean and its inhabitants

The Centre for Excellence in e‑Governance Studies (eGovlab)

eGovlab is the Stockholm University Centre for Excellence in e-Governance Studies focused on driving European and International research collaboration for research and development in the area of IT in the Public Sector.

Ruas do Género

An interactive data visualization project demonstrating the gender imbalance of street names in Porto

ShakeNet and Raspberry Shakes

Online community tracking earthquakes with Raspberry Shakes: Professional grade seismograph and infrasound monitors that anyone can use to record and visualize both natural and human activity.

European Citizen Action Service

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international, Brussels-based non-profit organisation with a pan-European membership and more than 30 years of experience.

Civil Society Accelerator

A free of charge Consultation Service for Civil Society Organisations and Civic Movements


Vetted methods, key principles, inspiring stories and experts from around the world

The Copenhagen Pledge on Tech for Democracy

A commitment to make digital technologies work for, not against, democracy and human rights. It underlines the joint responsibility of governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, and technology companies to develop and use digital technologies to the benefit of democracy and human rights.

Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU) citizen toolkit

The aim of the project Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU) is to foster political participation of EU mobile citizens and enhance capacity and knowledge of civil servants and relevant national, regional and local experts on EU citizenship and related political rights.

Es geht LOS!

Wir sind ein zivilgesellschaftlicher, überparteilicher Think & Do Tank für losbasierte Bürgerbeteiligung. Wir initiieren geloste Bürgerräte kommunal, im Wahlkreis, national und sogar in öffentlichen Institutionen.




The AI4D multidisciplinary research lab run by two public academic institutions in Tanzania, UDOM & NM-AIST. We set forth an objective to establish a multidisciplinary AI4D lab that fosters capacity development, research and innovation in responsible AI and its application in addressing societal and developmental problems in Africa.

The Digital Co-Op

The Digital Co-Op

United States of America (the)

150+ members pooling email audience information to drive list growth, donor growth, reactivation, and advocacy



United States of America (the)

US-based campaign vendor that does SMS, email fundraising, paid media, direct mail, and more

Hallo Bundestag

Gewählt. Gelost. Gemeinsam. Wahlkreisräte für die Demokratie

Wir holen euch ab!

Dabei haben sich Katharina Liesenberg und Linus Strothmann vom Team Es geht LOS einer jahrtausendealten, urdemokratischen Methode bedient: des Losens. Indem sie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes an Türen klingelten, haben sie Menschen in ihrer persönlichen Lebensrealität abgeholt und miteinander in Kontakt gebracht. Ein Buch voll inspirierender Beispiele, die ihren Praxistest alle bestanden haben.

Accessibility Lab (a11y Lab)

We are a company that seeks to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities through accessibility in the digital world.

Por un Entorno Digital Accesible (PUEDA)

La iniciativa tiene como principal objetivo difundir conceptos clave y buenas prácticas de la accesibilidad digital en el Estado, la sociedad civil, la academia y los sectores privado y técnico, actores críticos a la hora de alcanzar entornos digitales accesibles.

Innovationshauptplatz of the city of Linz

You want to actively shape your Linz? Join the Innovationshauptplatz Linz and become part of our community of 7,300 users!


Estonian engagement platform with binding triggers for popular proposals to go before government, locally and nationally

Trapped in a Web: The Exploitation of Personal Data in Hungary’s 2022 Elections

The [Human Rights Watch] report finds that data collected by the state for administering public services, such as registering for the Covid vaccine, administering tax benefits, and mandatory membership in professional associations, was repurposed to spread Fidesz’s campaign messages.




ParlGov is a data infrastructure for political science. It contains information about parties, elections and cabinets for all EU and most OECD democracies (37 countries) from 1945 until today.

Participa Podemos

Participa Podemos

Madrid (Spain)

Radically open political party in Madrid with over 500,000 members making decisions on its online platform


Citizens' movement to practice democracy by sortition. Notable twist includes winning a seat in Brussels Parliament, where their elected representative must act on behalf of 50 residents chosen by lot.

Kyiv Digital app

Digitized the city's services, including e-petition tool, and "adapted them to conditions under martial law"

Barrier-Free Communication Bratislava

The Barrier-Free Communication service allows citizens with specific needs to communicate with the city in a form that is comprehensible to them.

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