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A directory of catalogs, collections, and galleries of resources aimed at strengthening the civic tech ecosystem (like the Civic Tech Field Guide itself).

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El Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología

El Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología publica un directorio general de aplicaciones o/y soluciones cuyo objetivo es favorecer la reutilización de soluciones por todas las Administraciones Públicas en España.

Code for Development

Inter-American Development Bank's repository for open-source software

NYC Open Data Project Gallery

On the Open Data Project Gallery, you can find examples of open data in action and gain inspiration for projects of your own. See how NYC Open Data is used by activists to advocate for change, by entrepreneurs to develop products, by teachers to build analytics skills in the classroom, by government agencies to make data more accessible, and much more.

Demtech Navigator

This is an online resource guide for civil society groups looking to better deal with the problem of disinformation. Let us know your concerns and we will suggest resources, curated by civil society practitioners and the Programme on Democracy and Technology.

X4Impact Tech Solutions catalog

Paid directory listing site that organizes tech solutions by UN Sustainable Development Goals. Data points:

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