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Digital or analog games and activities designed to promote civic engagement and awareness through play. Many of the digital games are one-off projects, and aren’t maintained over long periods of time (for example, when browsers remove support for Adobe Flash). Gamification seeks to bring elements and mechanics of gameplay to more arduous tasks, like registering to vote.

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This game aims to teach media literacy and study how people interact with misinformation.

Judgment Call

Judgment Call is an award-winning game and team-based activity that puts Microsoft’s AI principles of fairness, privacy and security, reliability and safety, transparency, inclusion, and accountability into action.


After playing thousands of hours of transportation simulation games, we were left wondering what could happen if some of the traditional limits of the genre didn't exist: in map sizes, track layout complexity, or train scheduling.

Urban Scratchoff

This site gives you a clever way to explore historical aerial imagery of New York City. You can click and drag on the map to "scratch off" the historical imagery and reveal the same location's present-day imagery. By Chris Whong


Arsgames es una asociación cultural que promueve y gestiona proyectos de carácter cultural relacionados con los videojuegos y las nuevas tecnologías a partir de áreas de acción transversales: pedagogía y formación, investigación científica, inclusión digital y participación ciudadana.

Copia Gaming

Copia Gaming is our ongoing initiative to design and facilitate a variety of games that explore serious and important subjects.

Harmony Square

a free online game funded by the State Dept. that helps fight #disinformation, now playable in 6 different languages

Climate Warriors

"a free interactive game available on Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Marketplace, designed to teach children as young as 7 how to protect themselves and their homes from bushfires."

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