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In the Civic Tech Field Guide, we focus on examples of govtech that seek to improve society to make it more just and democratic, not just more digital or efficient. We recognize that this is a subjective, values-based perspective of govtech. There is a much larger government IT industry, and we do not aspire to catalog and curate every instance of governmental technology.

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Federal Innovation Council

Federal Innovation Council

Washington D.C., DC, USA

The Federal Innovation Council seeks to build a culture of innovation and experimentation in government by enabling and empowering federal employees to meet the challenges of 21st century governance.

Building a Culture of Innovation in Government

This brief is the compilation of the findings from of a series of workshops on creating a vision for how our [US] government can build and foster a culture of innovation over the next 20 years.

Customer Experience Projects

The Biden Administration's approach to human-centered design to re-orient government around a core set of "life experience" personas

Sharing and Caring EU

The main objective of this action is to develop a European network of actors focusing on the development of collaborative economy models and platforms and on social and technological implications of the collaborative economy through a practice focused approach.

National Science Foundation's Smart & Connected Communities Virtual Organization

Pushing the Boundaries of Scientific Innovation to Create a Smarter, Sustainable, and Resilient Future for Communities



Sri Lanka

A platform to consolidate emergency medical needs across a country, create aid packages of medicines and supplies, centralize supplier quotations, select most cost-effective supplier, and match donors willing to fund aid packages.

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