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Journalism, storytelling, and other forms of interactive media are critical to civic engagement in democracies. Here we track those media and journalism tech projects that directly relate to citizens working to shift power in society.

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WikiRumours is a web-based database which enables geographically distributed teams to collaborate asynchronously on monitoring, verifying, and countering the spread of harmful rumours and misinformation.

UNESCO Audio resources to counter disinformation

To contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours, UNESCO has produced a series of audio messages that can be freely used by radio stations from around the world.

Disinfo Database

EU vs Disinfo's database of over 12,000 samples of pro-Kremlin disinformation

Um guia da dieta de mídia digital brasileira

Como os brasileiros usam a internet? Como é seu comportamento na hora de buscar informações na rede? O InternetLab manterá um guia com indicadores sobre como anda a dieta de mídia dos brasileiros e brasileiras.

Interactive Media Bias Chart

A chart of thousands of media sources based on source reliability and surveys of perceived political biases

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