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Journalism, storytelling, and other forms of interactive media are critical to civic engagement in democracies. Here we track those media and journalism tech projects that directly relate to citizens working to shift power in society.

Showing 716 Results is working to ensure that internet users can access correct information by verifying in many areas from widely known mistakes, suspicious information on the agenda of social media, claims brought up by the media, or urban legends.

The Citizen Browser Project

The Markup, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates how the world’s most powerful institutions use technology to reshape society, today announced the development of The Citizen Browser Project—an initiative designed to measure how disinformation travels across social media platforms over time.

Sure and Share Center

Thai News Agency’s ‘Sure andShare’ project, which encourages audience members to submit questions they have about content, rumours or stories circulating on the messaging app LINE.

Tactical Tech’s Gendersec Training Curricula on “Hacking Hate Speech”

A training workshop curriculum on how to set up an online support network, create textual and visual counterspeech content, and deploy a counterspeech campaign.

Taiwan FactCheck Center

Taiwan FactCheck Center

7F, No. 7, Lane 116, Guangfu South Road, Daan District, Taipei City 10694

Taiwan’s first fact-checking center was jointly supported by the Taiwan Media Observation Education Foundation and the Quality Journalism Development Association.




Tattle is a group of technologists, researchers, journalists and artists. We build tools and datasets to better understand and respond to (mis)information trends on chat apps and regional language social media in India.


The non­governmental organization Media Reforms Center is an educational platform, founded by Mohyla School of Journalism at National University of ‘Kyiv­Mohyla Academy’, which aims to implement high standards of journalism education in Ukraine, raise the level of media literacy, inform about the danger of propaganda and dissemination of fake information in the media.

Suara Masyarakat

Suara Masyarakat (Community Voices) is an Internews Europe project with local Malaysian partners on a 36-month project which aims to strengthen capacity of Malaysian media as the key actor in promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Social Media Monitoring During the 2020-2021 Elections in Georgia

The overall goal of the project is to safeguard the information integrity around the 2020 Parliamentary and 2021 Municipal elections in Georgia from disinformation, discrediting campaigns and other hostile information operations on social media.

Social Science One

Social Science One

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Social Science One implements a new type of partnership between academic researchers and the private sector to advance the goals of social science in understanding and solving society’s greatest challenges.

Putting Civic Online Reason In Civics Class

The COR curriculum was developed by the Stanford History Education Group as part of MediaWise—a partnership of SHEG, the Poynter Institute, and the Local Media Association.

South Asia Check

South Asia Check

Kathmandu, Nepal

South Asia Check is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit initiative by Panos South Asia which aims to promote accuracy and accountability in public debate.


SiBerkreasi is a national movement to overcome the biggest potential threats that are being faced by Indonesia, namely the spread of negative content through the internet such as hoaxes, cyberbullying and online radicalism.



United States of America (the)

When misinformation obscures the truth and readers don’t know what to trust,’s fact checking and original, investigative reporting lights the way to evidence-based and contextualized analysis.

Sobrevivendo nas Redes (Surviving on the networks)

The "Surviving the Networks" project aims to strengthen civic culture in Brazil by offering information and strategies on how to better inform oneself in social networks.


A Bot to Add References to WikiData Statements

Regional Elections Administration and Political Processes Strengthening Program (REAPPS) I and II in Europe

Goal is to promote cross-border learning and networking on a wide range of existing initiatives and to develop new capacity in political participation, government transparency and election administration.

Rooted in Trust

Rooted in Trust is a pandemic information response plan countering the unprecedented scale and speed of the spread of rumors and misinformation about COVID-19. Operating in ten countries.

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information MEMORY AND DISINFORMATION STUDIES

Within the disinformation and memory studies direction, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) team is developing tools in several ways.

RESIST Counter Disinformation Toolkit

RESIST Counter Disinformation Toolkit

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

UK government toolkit to help support the dissemination of reliable, truthful information that underpins our democracy.



Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina / Босна и Херцеговина)

The platform was launched by the team of the "Why Not" organization, which has many years of experience in fact-checking, through work on checking the accuracy and consistency of statements of public officials, and monitoring the fulfillment of election promises on the Istinomjer platform.

Real 411

Real 411

South Africa

Real411 was created to give all citizens the power to report digital disinformation during the run up to the 2019 South African National and Provincial Elections.

Project Look Sharp Media Curriculum

Project Look Sharp is a nonprofit, mission-driven outreach program of Ithaca College.

Projeto Credibilidade

Projeto Credibilidade

Brazil (Brasil)

The Trust Project develops transparency standards that help people assess the quality and credibility of journalism.

Protecting Tunisian Elections from Digital Threat Roundtable

The roundtable highlights the current state of social media used by political actors ahead of the elections, seeking to understand and foresight how social media will impact the political campaign, and how to better protect the integrity of the campaign.




PUSAD is a center for research on religion and democracy, they conduct research on hate speech and political disinformation.



Brazil (Brasil)

Radar is a project which uses a combination of algorithms and manual research to find posts related to three themes over a wide variety of social media platforms in Brazil.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

PubliElectoral is a technological tool of social interest that allows the collection of information related to electoral advertising on social networks without affecting the privacy of citizen users.


Pressland is a first-of-its-kind data-intelligence platform that maps global media production in real time.

Pro Truth Pledge

The Pro-Truth Pledge is a project of Intentional Insights, a volunteer-run educational nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to promoting science-based truth-seeking, rational thinking, and wise decision-making.

Project Certeza

Project Certeza

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

First deployed on Election Day in 2018, Project Certeza’s purpose was to identify and deal with false information disseminated, particularly through social networks but also through any other media, that could produce uncertainty or distrust in the citizenry about the electoral authority’s responsibilities as the election is happening.

Polétika República Dominicana

Polétika República Dominicana

C. Josefa Perdomo 160 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Polétika República Dominicana is a group of civil society organizations and movements that work in different areas, including: health, housing and habitat, taxation, citizen security, transparency, childhood and adolescence, gender, and municipality. is a fact-checking website produced by Voice of America (VOA)​ and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual

A training guide for journalists and writers on how to respond to online harassment and abuse, including building a community of supporters and developing counterspeech messages.

New York Times AR Storytelling Gallery

New York Times AR Storytelling Gallery

New York Times Building, 8th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

Showcasing the NYT's 27 Published Experiments in AR Storytelling

Widely Viewed Content Dashboard

In the "Widely Viewed Content Report", Facebook provides the 20 individual links and 20 individual posts that were seen by the highest number of people, in the US, for the quarter. In this dashboard, we are tracking objective properties of these 20 posts, links, and the producers behind them, as well as the extent to which it is possible for Facebook users to assess the content from a media literacy perspective.



United States of America (the)

Keeping the pulse on and raising up nuestra gente

Global Right to Information Rating

A global map ranking countries by their Freedom of Information laws


Disclose is a not-for-profit organisation which bridges twin activities as both a media outlet and an NGO to promote investigative journalism.

Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism

Africa’s first investigative environmental journalism unit, which combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping to expose offenses and track crime syndicates


Together we convert your audience into your own community, which supports you to finance your creations sustainably.


DocumentCloud runs every document you upload through Thomson Reuters OpenCalais, giving you access to extensive information about the people, places and organizations mentioned in each.

#WildEye Asia

Use #WildEye Asia to track seizures, arrests, court cases & convictions across the continent. The data is anchored in our dossier of investigations.

What the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed

An interactive reconstruction of the destruction of a thriving, Black-owned neighborhood that reconstructs a sense of place

Copia Gaming

Copia Gaming is our ongoing initiative to design and facilitate a variety of games that explore serious and important subjects.

Africa No Filter

Africa No Filter (ANF) is a donor collaborative that supports the development of nuanced and contemporary stories that shift stereotypical and harmful Africa No Filter (ANF) is a donor collaborative that supports the development of nuanced and contemporary stories that shift stereotypical and harmful narratives within and about Africa.

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