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There's a rich ecosystem of related and overlapping fields with civic tech, including those that predate civic tech. People define the field with broader or more narrow scopes in mind, so here we track related work areas.

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PLP 2.0

The PLP 2.0 mobile application allows victims of domestic violence to report violence. Users feeling threatened bya former or current partner can use the app to report the issue to the police. The app allows a user to contact thepolice by using the phone’s power button. The police receives an alert as well as the GPS location of the user at risk offacing abuse.


Enabling access to global clinical research studies. Launch your clinical study and find thousands of vetted, eligible participants in minutes.


LawRato is an online platform which allows individuals and businesses to find lawyers and receive free legalinformation online.

Teplitsa Russia

Некоммерческий образовательный проект для гражданских активистов и IT-специалистов

Investigating digital tool re-use among UK organizations

We’re excited to share that over the next year, we’ll be carrying out a new research initiative looking at how UK charities re-use existing digital tools for service delivery.


Medsaf is a curated medication marketplace for African hospitals and pharmacies.

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