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One of the key modalities in organizing a campaign is talking to other people. Canvassing apps help organize and optimize that work.


At Organizer, we strive to build the tools you need to make canvassing and field outreach efficient, effective, and accountable.

NYC Public Engagement Unit

The Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit (PEU) proactively connects New Yorkers to key City services, like housing and healthcare.

Knock Every Door

We’re launching nationwide, volunteer-led canvasses to organize our communities against Trump.


An American privately owned voter database and web hosting service provider used by the Democratic Party, Democratic campaigns, and other non-profit organizations authorized by the Democratic Party. - Wikipedia

Minivan 8

Forget clipboards and data entry. Mobile canvassing with MiniVAN 8 provides a better, more intuitive canvassing experience for everyone involved.

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