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Data and tools designed to help people vote by informing voters about registration requirements, ballot information, districts, and election dates, locations, and procedures.

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The Pledge for Election Integrity

"Pledge signed by political parties/individuals committing to transparency and preserving election integrity by avoiding disinformation and attacks by third parties." -

Real 411

Real411 was created to give all citizens the power to report digital disinformation during the run up to the 2019 South African National and Provincial Elections.

Sentinel Project early warning system for Kenya Election 2022

Leading up to and following the Kenyan election on August 9 2022, the Sentinel Project is expanding its previous work in the area, from Una Hakika to 15 of Kenya's highest risk counties.

Fato ou Fake

Fato ou Fake is a news literacy project that vetted more than 700 pieces of information ahead of the elections.

El Poder de Elegir (de Chicas Poderosas)

El Poder de Elegir is a project to monitor and fact-check the political information that circulates through WhatsApp during the campaign period of the presidential elections of 2018.

Digital Ethical Pact

Panama's Digital Ethical Pact is an agreement where signatories pledge to follow the following: 1. Collaborate with the Electoral Tribunal so that the electoral ban is respected and electoral campaign is only carried out during the permitted periods of 45 days before the internal elections of the political parties and 60 days before the general elections.

Digital Democracy Risk Assessment: A User Guide

A user guide for civil society organizations and researchers to assess the vulnerability of a country’s electoral integrity to online manipulation.

MOE Election Observation

The Election Observation Mission (La Misión de Observación Electoral, MOE) is an election observer group based in Colombia.

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