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Data Commons Manifesto

It reflects the discussions and proposals of dozens of people and collectives involved in the Digital Democracy and Data Commons participatory process.

Holopolis HiFi

[image] Holopolis HiFi uses the High Fidelity VR platform to create a virtual commons. It imagines a far future in which we can all connect to and immerse in public policy deliberation anytime we choose. This may be h…

Beautiful Trouble

Beautiful Trouble exists to make nonviolent revolution irresistible by providing an ever-growing suite of strategic tools and trainings that inspire movements for a more just, healthy, and equitable world.

Megaphone SMS

Texting large volumes of potential voters is possible while remaining compliant with TCPA rules thanks to new technology.

Open Savannah

As a Code for America Brigade, we're part of a national network of civic-minded volunteers who contribute their skills toward using the web as a platform for local government and community service.

SIMLab's framework for monitoring and evaluating inclusive technologies in social change projects

It helps people and organizations to use inclusive technologies to build systems and services that are accessible, responsive, and resilient.

Citizen Beta

The civic tech meetup for people working on civic technology, empowering citizens, and government transformation.

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