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rights x tech

Rights x Tech is a forum for technologists, policy makers and movement leaders to discuss emerging issues around human rights, products and power.



Brasília - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil

lets citizens collaboratively draft and edit legislative texts, as well as upvote and downvote individual clauses

g0v Presidential Hackathon

Presidential Hackathon is an initiative designed for the Taiwanese government to demonstrate its emphasis on open-source data, data utilization, and practice innovation to address the needs of the country in social innovations

Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide

The Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide supports evaluation specialists and non-specialists in every stage of an evaluation, from initial decision to final dissemination.

Data for Democracy

Data for Democracy is a community of data people volunteering on social impact projects.

Public Interest Technology University Network

Public Interest Technology University Network

New America, 15th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

The Public Interest Technology Universities Network is a partnership that fosters collaboration between 21 universities and colleges committed to building the nascent field of public interest technology and growing a new generation of civic-minded technologists.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents to learn about public budgets and the choices their elected officials face in the budgeting process.

GovTech Singapore Digital Government Blueprint

The Digital Government Blueprint (DGB) is a statement of the Government’s ambition to better leverage data and harness new technologies, and to drive broader efforts to build a digital economy and digital society, in support of Smart Nation.

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