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AI Supply Chain Observatory

The AI Supply Chain Observatory (AISCO) works to improve our shared ability to respond to supply chain disruptions by identifying early warning indicators and root causes of harmful and catastrophic disruption.

Omidyar Responsible AI funding

$30 million initial investment will bridge gaps between industry, civil society, and policymakers, broadening generative AI infrastructure in service of society

The OpenAustralia Foundation PO Box 147 Katoomba NSW 2780 helps you to keep track of what your politicians are doing and saying on your behalf in Parliament.

Recursive Public

Recursive Public is an experiment in identifying areas of consensus and disagreement among the international Artificial Intelligence (AI) community, policymakers, and the general public on key questions of governance.

The OpenAustralia Foundation PO Box 147 Katoomba NSW 2780

Take the hassle out of web scraping



The OpenAustralia Foundation PO Box 147 Katoomba NSW 2780

Find out for free what is being built and knocked down in your area and receive email alerts when something new is planned.

OpenAI Partnership with American Journalism Project to support local news

A new $5+ million partnership aims to explore ways the development of artificial intelligence (AI) can support a thriving, innovative local news field, and ensure local news organizations shape the future of this emerging technology.

StraightLines by Lucid Lens

Here we introduce StraightLines, a proof-of-concept tool developed by AOI’s Lucid Lens team, that automatically rewrites news headlines to reflect the content of articles in a more accurate, less sensational way.

自由微博 (

自由微博 (,匿名和不受屏蔽的新浪微博搜索,于 2012 年 10 月 11 日由 建立。

Talk to the City

Talk to the City is an open-source LLM interface for improving collective deliberation and decision-making by analyzing detailed, qualitative data. It aggregates responses and arranges similar arguments into clusters.

Know Your Rights Hong Kong

#KnowYourRightsHK is here to help you understand and exercise your legal rights.

Gov.UK Incubator for Artificial Intelligence

The [UK] Government is establishing an elite team of highly empowered technical experts at the heart of government. Their mission is to help departments harness the potential of AI to improve lives and the delivery of public services.

Parlameter Slovenia

Parlameter je orodje, ki z analizo glasovanj in transkriptov nastopov lajša spremljanje dela v Državnem zboru.

Le Lieu de la Transformation Publique

A la fois laboratoire d’innovation publique, équipe d’experts pluridisciplinaires, centre de ressource et de formation, réseau dédié à l’innovation - le Lieu de la Transformation Publique propose, depuis 2019, un accompagnement sur mesure aux porteurs de projets engagés dans une démarche de transformation.

NYC Street Map

NYC Street Map

New York City, NY, USA

NYC Street Map is an ongoing effort to digitize official street records, bring them together with other street information, and make them easily accessible to the public.

Mission Metrics

Mission Metrics

Oakland, California

When founding The Oaklandside in 2020, we launched Mission Metrics, an innovative pilot program for reader feedback.

CiviClick (USA)

CiviClick (USA)

Washington, DC

CiviClick is changing the way people interact with lawmakers through AI.

European AI & Society Fund Experts

This list of civil society experts on AI contains profiles and contact information of policy experts, researchers and lawyers who can speak to the media and other stakeholders on issues such as AI regulation, facial recognition, racial justice, AI in health, border surveillance, algorithmic welfare distribution, conditions for workers training Chat-GPT and other key issues of our time.

Delib Citizen Space

Delib Citizen Space

Orchard Street Business Centre, 13-14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH

Next-generation engagement tools for 21st century democracy.

Hub de datos abiertos

Un hub de datos para que tu organización sea la primera que hace uso de sus propios datos.


Design of digital services for public administration with people and data at the center

Gobierto Transparencia

La herramienta para poner en marcha iniciativas de transparencia y rendición de cuentas.

Match avec la démocratie

À partir du jeudi 17 février 2022 et jusqu’au 8 avril, l'ensemble des membres de Tinder en France âgés de 18 à 25 ans verront donc apparaître plusieurs “Swipe Video Card'' détaillant les démarches à suivre pour les élections présidentielles de 2022. Chaque Swipe Card dirige les membres vers notre page “Infos élections”.

Gobierto Contratación

Tools to improve public procurement processes for companies and public administration

A Voté chatbot sur WhatsApp

Il assiste les utilisateurs dans leur parcours de vote : pour vérifier leur inscription sur les listes électorales, leur rappeler les dates limites pour s’inscrire, les dates des élections 2022 et la procédure pour faire une procuration.

El Explorador de Gobierto Contratación

El Explorador de Gobierto Contratación reune la información de la Plataforma de Contratación del Estado y de las principales plataformas autonómicas y te permite explotar los datos.

Data Driven Detroit CUTGroup

We are looking for a diverse group of residents in the city of Detroit to participate in the testing of civic apps/websites! Sign up for the Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) now and tell your friends!

Water Data Explorer

The Water Data Explorer was developed by the British Geological Survey in collaboration with Imperial College London, The University of Oxford and UCL as part of the CAMELLIA project, and in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders. CAMELLIA has been funded by the UKRI's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Future of Government Awards

The Future of Government Awards champions practitioners, teams and leaders who are transforming people’s lives by applying digital solutions and leveraging technology to reform the public sector for those it serves.

Techies 4 Reproductive Justice (T4RJ)

A hub of technologists dedicated to building technology for Reproductive Justice

Transparency & Accountability Initiative Grants Database

Includes funding from Ford, Hewlett, Luminate, MacArthur, OpenSocietyFoundation, and Chandler foundations totaling over half a billion dollars



Austin, TX

#ISOJ is the official research journal of the International Symposium on Online Journalism. It features articles based on original research, methodologies relevant to the study of journalism and innovative technologies (online, tablets, mobile platforms, etc.), critical syntheses of research and theoretical perspectives on journalism today.

Statewide News Collective

The Statewide News Collective is a community for news organizations serving statewide audiences launched by The Lenfest Institute, RevLab at The Texas Tribune, and Spotlight PA.

Audience Community of Practice

The Audience Community of Practice is a group providing support for audience development news professionals.

Lenfest News Philanthropy Network

The Lenfest News Philanthropy Network is a community of practice designed to support and build capacity for fundraising and development professionals in journalism.

Engaged Cities Community of Practice

Engaged Cities is a community of practice for news organizations with engagement-first approaches to serving U.S. cities.


The objective of the UnderServed Project is to develop a platform for reporting and analysing threats, intended for sectors that are vulnerable to cyberattacks yet lack the resources to mitigate them effectively.

Privacy Party

Privacy Party

United States of America (the)

Stop exposing your personal info on social. Reduce your risk of phishing, fraud, impersonation, harassment, and other online attacks.

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence

Emerson College, Boylston Street, Boston, MA, USA

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence (TNGV) is a collaborative initiative which seeks to understand the impact of dominant narratives of gun violence on individuals, families, and communities most impacted, and aims to co-create interventions to change these narratives.

Government Innovation California conference

Public Sector Network’s second Government Innovation California in-person event will bring together public sector leaders across all levels of government from across the State and region to share their innovative ideas and cutting-edge initiatives and projects.

Deliberative Democracy Digest

The Deliberative Democracy Digest publishes a roundup of recent developments in the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. It is the companion piece of the academic publication Journal of Deliberative Democracy (formerly Journal of Public Deliberation).

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