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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

A way for the public to gain the very basic (and essential) knowledge about their elected representatives.


Scale Data Engine leverages your enterprise data, and with Scale GenAI Platform, safely unlocks the value of AI.

Women-Centric Design

A toolkit for impact practitioners to build products, services & systems that center women.

The Atlas of Urban Tech

A global atlas of case studies of tech-enabled urban districts and municipal digital masterplans.

Data Science for Social Good (Portugal)

Ajudamos organizações sem fins lucrativos, não governamentais e governamentais a aproveitar o poder dos seus dados, para melhorar o seu impacto na comunidade.

AI Existential Safety Map

A fun illustrated map charting AI Safety efforts across blogs, podcasts, training, support, governance, research, and so on.

Free and Open Source Software Sustainability Fund

The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Sustainability Fund is Open Technology Fund’s newest mechanism to support the long-term maintenance of established FOSS projects and the communities that sustain them.

Take Back Tech II

Take Back Tech is a gathering for organizers, advocates, academics, and workers who are looking for a space to deepen the connections and strategies we'll need to combat technology's worst harms.

North Korea Information Technology Incubator (NKITI)

Created by NetFreedom Pioneers, the NKITI is designed to lower the entry barriers for technical individuals and organizations seeking to develop new information access solutions for the DPRK, and to serve as a launchpad for a new wave of technology-driven and DPRK-focused organizations.

Portable Network Kits

The Portable Network Kit (PNK) is a wireless network in a suitcase that helps people understand how to build their own mini-internet – and with it, how the internet works and might be owned and governed more equitably.

Community Tech Lab

The Community Tech Lab is a hands-on tech and digital equity learning space located at El Puente’s flagship Leadership Center in South Williamsburg.

Northern Ireland Open Government Network (NIOGN)

The Northern Ireland Open Government Network (NIOGN), established in 2014, is an alliance of individual citizens, activists and representatives of community and voluntary organisations.

Wales Open Government Network

The Wales Open Government Network is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making Welsh Government work better for people through enhanced transparency, participation and accountability.

Scotland Civil Society Open Government Network

The Scotland Civil Society Open Government Network is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making Scottish government work better for people through enhanced transparency, participation and accountability.

Apolitical Foundation

A world in which political leaders are one of the most respected roles in society.

UK Open Government Network

UK Open Government Network

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

The UK Open Government Civil Society Networks are coalitions of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government work better for people through transparency, participation and accountability.

Apolitical Foundation Accelerator

The only global launch pad for non-partisan political leadership incubators.

Sourcebase Inquiry

Sourcebase Inquiry

United States of America (the) is an AI platform designed for journalists, researchers, and professionals who need to make sense of massive amounts of source material.

Próxima Geração

A Próxima Geração, uma associação sem fins lucrativos, tem como objetivo revitalizar a democracia portuguesa. A Próxima Geração representa a primeira Academia apartidária com contexto global em Portugal.

RadicalxChange Foundation

RadicalxChange Foundation is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to democratic innovation and institutional design through operational partnerships and experimental projects between academia, government, art, technology, and beyond.

Design Trust for Public Space

Unlocking the potential of New York’s public spaces.



United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

WhoFundsThem is mySociety's new project looking into MPs’ and APPGs’ financial interests.

Tech Diplomacy Academy

Online education platform: "Learn new ways of working at the intersection of innovation, business, and geopolitics, and discover the role you or your organization can play in a future where technology advances freedom."

Peabody Global Impact Awards

The Global Impact Award recognizes media or organizations that have profoundly changed the world for the better.

A Fourth Wave of Open Data? Exploring the Spectrum of Scenarios for Open Data and Generative AI

Our report, “A Fourth Wave of Open Data? Exploring the Spectrum of Scenarios for Open Data and Generative AI,” (May 2024) provides a new framework and recommendations to support open data providers and other interested parties in making open data “ready” for generative AI.




The Horizon 2020 project U_CODE (Urban Collective Design Environment) aims to create an environment for urban co-design.

Public AI Network

The Public AI Network is a coalition working to bring about public AI.

Public AI Google Group

People and organizations working on, contributing to, and advocating for public AI

AI Palace

AI Palace

Germany (Deutschland)

Join a small, curated group of researchers, builders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists for a 7-day unconference focused on the political economy of AI. We will build new infrastructure, business models, and institutions for AI.


DeHavilland’s political intelligence combines the most powerful technology and AI tools with in-house knowledge, expertise and analysis.

plinth (previously Time to Spare)

The only solution that combines an AI grant-writer, a case management system, a CRM, a booking platform and impact reporting — so you can get more funding, keep costs low, and keep all your information in one place.

Zencity Press Release Generator

This update allows you to create professional-grade press releases in a matter of minutes with minimal effort and editing.

Use of AI tools in funding applications

The Research Funders Policy Group, of which Wellcome is a member, sets out expectations around the use of generative AI tools in funding applications.



Los Angeles, CA

Voteview allows users to view every congressional roll call vote in American history on a map of the United States and on a liberal-conservative ideological map including information about the ideological positions of voting Senators and Representatives.

MyCandidate South Africa

MyCandidate South Africa presents electoral candidate data in an accessible and reliable way so that you can make an informed decision at the polls. You can play an active role in South Africa's democracy!

Sample AI Integration and Experimentation Policy

By Code Hope Labs. The policy is intended to be used within cause-based organizations which wish to encourage the experimental use of ChatGPT or other LLMs within their organizations.

ICTs in Elections Database

In order to help election practitioners and stakeholders to better understand the use of ICTs in elections, International IDEA has conducted a global comparative study to learn how ICTs are being used in several stages of electoral process.

Transition au Tchad

Transition Online est une plateforme visant à renforcer la participation citoyenne au Tchad en facilitant et optimisant l’accès aux informations relatives à la transition.

Impala For Fundraisers

Your virtual fundraising assistant for institutional philanthropy.

Impala For Grantmakers

Coming Soon: Your virtual philanthropy assistant to maximize the impact of your giving in line with your goals.

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