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Technologies that train models to autonomously support or function independently of direct human effort

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A bot of legislative proximity that seeks to promote communication between government and citizens through artificial intelligence.

Turing Institute AI for science and government (ASG)

A major integrated research programme with a goal to deploy AI and data science in priority areas to support the UK economy.

MoCho: Mobility Choices and Societal Impacts

This tool helps predict the choices of mobility modes made at the individual level throughout the entire Boston Metro area.


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples close an amicable agreement. The chatbot, Alex, provides instant andreal time support to users.

Gravyty Stewardship

The first-ever AI solution for thanking and cultivating donors.


Robota is a chatbot that guides workers to file a lawsuit against their current or former employers.


We leverage both AI and Human Expertise to allow everyone to check facts, understand News sources and content, empower truth and consolidate responsible Brands and Media in the MENA region.

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