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Take Back Tech II

Take Back Tech is a gathering for organizers, advocates, academics, and workers who are looking for a space to deepen the connections and strategies we'll need to combat technology's worst harms.

AI Palace

AI Palace

Germany (Deutschland)

Join a small, curated group of researchers, builders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists for a 7-day unconference focused on the political economy of AI. We will build new infrastructure, business models, and institutions for AI.

Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre (FLISOL)

Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre (FLISOL) sede Venezuela



Washington, DC

FedGeoDay is THE event devoted to "open geospatial ecosystems" (open source software, open/collaborative mapping, open science challenges, and open engagements) that are used to initiate and grow capabilities across the U.S. federal government. 

Government Innovation California conference

Public Sector Network’s second Government Innovation California in-person event will bring together public sector leaders across all levels of government from across the State and region to share their innovative ideas and cutting-edge initiatives and projects.

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide. It favours a multidisciplinary approach, welcoming participants from academic, political and civil society perspectives.

Democracy Festivals Association

Democracy Festivals are the platforms for constructive political dialogue across opinions, age, gender, and hierarchy, where people come together each summer to discuss how to improve their countries.

Brussels Urban Summit

The Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) brings together three international city conferences: the 14th Metropolis World Congress, the Eurocities Annual Conference and the sixth OECD Champion Mayors Summit for Inclusive Growth Initiative. It gathers over 300 cities worldwide and more than 1000 politicians, experts and representatives of civil society to exchange ideas and set the priorities for sustainable, affordable, and liveable cities going forward.

Copenhagen Democracy Summit

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit is an annual conference bringing together political and business leaders, including current and former heads of government, from the world’s democracies.

BARI Conference

BARI Conference

MIT Media Lab

BARI is an inter-university research partnership for Northeastern University and Harvard University in conjunction with the City of Boston.

The World Ethical Data Forum

The World Ethical Data Forum is the only event in the world that embraces the full range of interrelated issues around the use and future of data.

JournalismAI Festival

JournalismAI Festival

Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE

Using AI to make journalism better. Together.

Civic Design

A conference for people who work in the intersection of design and the public sector.

Closing The Gap Conference

The Closing The Gap Conference is an annual assistive technology conference that presents an opportunity to deepen your assistive technology (AT) knowledge and strengthen your implementation strategies.

Doing Better Work Together

Doing Better Work Together is an online learning and collaboration event for organisational innovators.

Innovation Exchange

Initiators of successful political projects in a specific area of politics provide their know-how, experience and dos-and-don’ts in a highly motivating dialogue

State of GovTech

State of GovTech

Arlington, VA

A dynamic in-person conference on the people, technologies, policies, and cultures that make up the govtech ecosystem — brought to you by CivStart and e.Republic

Public Interest Technology Convening

Join us for the 2022 Public Interest Tech University Network (PIT-UN) Convening, hosted by City University of New York, on Oct. 28-29.

Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism

The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) brings together the technology industry, government, civil society, and academia to foster collaboration and information-sharing to counter terrorist and violent extremist activity online.

Creative Bureaucracy Festival

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival celebrates outstanding innovation in the public sector and its contribution to a better, more sustainable, and more just world.

Black Women In Data

the largest gathering of black women data leaders and professionals

NYU Public Interest Technology Institute

NYU Public Interest Technology Institute

New York University, New York, NY, USA

A 2-week virtual conference for early and mid-career faculty who seek to accelerate their work in public interest technology


A participant-led conference from OpenNews for journalists who want to transform their work, their organizations, and their communities.

Allied Media Conference

We are a network of people and projects, rooted in Detroit and connected to hundreds of other places across the globe. Together, we grow and exchange ways of using media to create the world we need.

AI for Good Summit

Driven by the rapid progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, intelligent machines are gaining the ability to learn, improve and make calculated decisions in ways that will enable them to perform tasks previously thought to rely solely on human experience, creativity, and ingenuit​y



South America

AbreLatam es una desconferencia en la que actores de diferentes sectores participan en su calidad personal construyendo debates clave sobre temáticas vinculadas a los datos abiertos en diversos campos tales como gobierno abierto, servicios públicos, privacidad, derechos humanos, participación ciudadana, aspectos técnicos y muchos más.

Code for All Summit 2021

This year's Summit will focus on Open vs. Closed Tech in Government, Democracy & Elections, Disinformation & Fake News and Power Dynamics in Tech. We'll have different session formats: Panels, Lighting Talks and Workshops!

The Metagovernance Seminar

The Metagovernance Seminar invites individuals working in online governance to present their work to a community of other researchers and practitioners.

Developing Caribbean

DevCa is the Caribbean's leading platform for exploring the intersection of digital technologies, today's biggest challenges and the future of the region. The two day Conference and Code Sprint provides a unique opportunity for technologists, organizations, researchers and entrepreneurs across the region to network while using tech innovation to solve some of the region’s biggest challenges.


With thanks to financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy, TICTeC has expanded from an annual conference into a year-round programme of activities and events: TICTeC Labs

ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency

This multi-disciplinary conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems.

Code for Japan Summit

Code for Japan Summit

Japan (Nihon or Nippon)

It is one of the largest Civic Tech conferences in Japan with about 1,000 participants in two days.

A Better Tech Public Interest Technology Convention and Career Fair

The 2021 NYU Public Interest Technology (PIT) Convention and Career Fair is a virtual hands-on event for professionals, researchers and students interested in creating a better world through technology.

Open Government Partnership Global Summit

Promoted open data disclosure and use for the public and businesses through key public data disclosure, business matching, youth internship program, and cooperation with relevant organizations ※ Exemplary cases of utilizing open data, interviews with organizations and businesses participating in business matching, interviews with organizations conducting youth internship programs, card news, etc.

Code for All Summit

Code for All Summit

Calea Rahovei 198a, București, Romania

It is time for a new league of heroes to take charge.

Internet Freedom Festival

Internet Freedom Festival

Las Naves, Carrer de Joan Verdeguer, València, Spain

An un-conference, one of the leading gatherings in the space, that brought together close to 1,000 attendees from 132 countries in 2018.


RightsCon is the world's leading event on human rights in the digital age.

NYC School of Data

NYC School of Data

New York City

Charge your laptops or tablets, pack your water bottle, grab your quality mask, sharpen your pencils, and get a good night’s rest! Join us for NYC’s best public interest tech + open data event of the year — NYC School of Data 2024!

Data 4 Change

The event is a 5-day design sprint where multidisciplinary teams consisting of the best local, regional and international talent in data, design, journalism and technology are teamed up with NGOs that collect data.

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