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In the Civic Tech Field Guide, we focus on examples of govtech that seek to improve society to make it more just and democratic, not just more digital or efficient. We recognize that this is a subjective, values-based perspective of govtech. There is a much larger government IT industry, and we do not aspire to catalog and curate every instance of governmental technology.

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Community Solutions Network

Our experienced and diverse team of advisors supports municipalities and organizations of all sizes across Canada on a range of data and tech issues. We work alongside our partners’ teams to assess their needs, define problems, mobilize research and knowledge, design solutions and support their implementation. Contact Us

Design for Civic Change

Design for Civic Change is a professional development program for government workers interested in implementing community-engaged design within their work.

Abre Alcaldías

Trainings and storytelling for open government in Latin America


A mentoring app connecting new and former members of Congress

States of Change

Across the globe, government teams are pioneering new ways to solve our biggest challenges. States of Change is a collective that exists to support this growing global movement

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