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Digital hangouts for civic-minded technologists

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Public AI Google Group

People and organizations working on, contributing to, and advocating for public AI

ASEANcats Google Group

ASEANcats Google Group

The Hague, Netherlands

This e-group is created as a part of social movement building initiaves with the aim to share knowledge and discuss the latest development and issues related to the regional community integration of ASEAN. All are welcome.

E-Campaigning Forum (ECF) Community

The discussion list has over 3,800 members from all over the world, from a wide range of disciplines including: campaigners, designers, content creators, fundraisers, academics, agencies, vendors and much more

EngageTech Community on LinkedIn

A group for peer-to-peer learning for engagement professionals who want to deepen their understanding about technologies for community and stakeholder engagement.

All Tech Is Human Slack

Our Slack workspace helps individuals in the Responsible Tech ecosystem connect with one another, discuss research, share events, learn about careers and job opportunities, and more. In addition, we have channels for specific locations to allow for people to collaborate based on vicinity.


At, we meet, discuss, learn and take climate action together. We would love for you to join us on Slack.

Code for Africa Slack

Do you want to join Africa's largest civic technology // open data // digital journalism community on Slack?

Campaigning Forum

Campaigners/activists, fundraisers, media experts, creatives, digital specialists, freelancers, and more all come together on the Campaigning Forum (ECF) community discussion list.

Consul's Slack

An online forum to discuss the CONSUL engagement platform

Code for Japan Slack Community

Code for Japan Slack Community

Japan (Nihon or Nippon)

Code for Japan's Slack has more than 5,500 people interested in Civic Tech. Participants are diverse, including engineers, designers, civil servants, students, researchers, and NPOs. No special qualification is required. Anyone who is interested in Code for Japan or Civic Tech can participate.

Parti's online discussion forum

Parti's online discussion forum

Republic of South Korea (Hanguk or Namhan)

빠띠 민주주의 활동가 커뮤니티

List of e-democracy related groups

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MuckRock's FOIA Slack for journalists

The MuckRock Slack channel is a free, collaborative discussion forum to discuss both the federal Freedom of Information Act as well as state public records laws.



Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams Road, Columbia, MO 65211, USA

NICAR expanded the Data Journalism listserv to a Spanish language version

g0V Slack

g0V Slack

Taiwan (T'ai-wan)

An online forum for community discussion

List of civic tech mailing lists

More than a doc, Dropbox Paper is a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together.

COVID-19 Response Community Slack

Join a Slack team where organizers, healers, community leaders and practitioners can respond around a national response to COVID-19.

Basic 'About' page pointing to the network's mailing list and events

Responsible Data community

The RD community is a place for those who use data in social change and advocacy to develop practical approaches to addressing the ethical, legal, social and privacy-related challenges they face.

F4c-response listserv

This group is a place for those who facilitate online (or need to) can learn, share and make offers to the world as the Covid19 virus plays out.

People's Coronavirus Response

This group is intended to serve as a venue for discussing three major issues: the magnitude of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the medical steps indicated to deal with it, and practical responses to the new social challenges it poses in everyday life and in the political work of left activists.

Liberation Tech

Liberation Tech

Stanford University, Serra Mall, Stanford, CA, USA

The Program on Liberation Technology seeks to understand how information technology can be used to defend human rights, improve governance, empower the poor, promote economic development, and pursue a variety of other social goods.

Code for America's Discourse

Code for America's Discourse

972 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

An online meeting place to discuss how to use civic technology to improve peoples' lives.

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