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Tooling and utilities for making civic maps

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Dave's Redistricting

Lets people draw their own representative districts as well as advocate to their state's redistricting process



United Kingdom OneCity allows developers and businesses to identify, evaluate and compare investment opportunities that align with official spatial strategies We deliver current information and analysis on a single platform, incorporating data from over thirty qualified sources OneCity can be integrated into Local Authority GIS systems, to streamline and support land use planning

Geo Data Upload

The Geo Data Upload is a free and easy-to-use tool for organizations to share their geographic data with Google Maps.


Real-time HD maps for autonomous driving


Filter and aggregate data to provinces or districts without code or mapping software

The HALO Trust

Clearing mines & Helping Countries Recover “We use a combination of machine learning on satellite imagery, GIS and field surveys,” says Luan Jaupi, who heads up information and communications technology at HALO


PLACE is a non-profit data trust that creates and stewards hyperlocal mapping data for a membership community that is open to all and serves the public interest.


Crowdsourced mapping of cultural locations in Sweden




Work with maps like never before. Build your structure, visualise data and let people interact. Use maps to get you mission fullfiled.

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