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Journalism, storytelling, and other forms of interactive media are critical to civic engagement in democracies. Here we track those media and journalism tech projects that directly relate to citizens working to shift power in society.

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Themes in Factchecking Articles

This interactive dashboard displays the themes in fact-checking articles we scraped from IFCN-certified websites in the selected week.

Viral Spiral

Viral Spiral is an adaptive digital card game about sharing news on the Internet. The game reflects the ways and reasons misinformation is shared, letting players experience first hand the temptation to share fake news for their own gain and face the consequences of the harm it causes around them.


One of Tattle's goals is to make stories fact-checking content circulated on chat apps and social media more accessible to mobile first users. To make the content accessible, Tattle wants the content to be discoverable through image search and video search. To implement search, Tattle needs the multi-media content inside the stories from fact-checking sites, linked with the sites that it is coming from.


Khoj was a service that makes it easy to verify messages you receive on your social media accounts.


Archive containing content scraped from all the different sources- the Tattle Jod telegram bot, Fact-checking sites, social media and chat apps.


Se trata del primer y más ambicioso proyecto periodístico colaborativo del país, del que participan los medios principales de toda la Argentina (de gráfica, digitales, radio y TV) y cuya finalidad es luchar contra la desinformación durante las campañas electorales.


Voy a extraer por vos los subtítulos generados automáticamente por Youtube.

Data & Society Disinformation Action Lab

The Disinformation Action Lab (DAL) at Data & Society forges new approaches to address the complex dynamics underpinning the spread of propaganda and disinformation. Last publication December 2020.

Cite Unseen

Cite Unseen is a Wikipedia user script that helps readers quickly evaluate the sources used in a given English Wikipedia article. The script adds iconic indicators to identified sources that indicate various attributes of the source, such as if the source is a news article, opinion piece, or government-controlled.

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