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Traditional and digital newsrooms are increasingly combining efforts to pool resources and amplify each other's coverage during key periods, like elections.

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Brasil: Investigação transnacional revela empresas de marketing político ligadas à extrema direita

Baraza Media Lab

We are an initiative that serves as a crucial building block in strengthening the Kenyan media ecosystem, working to rebuild trust amongst the key players in the ecosystem and the public, and putting in place resources that will help address challenges being faced in terms of business models.



Brazil (Brasil)

Comprova brings together journalists from 28 different Brazilian media companies to identify and explain rumors, fabricated content and manipulation tactics that might influence the 2018 presidential election campaign.

Coalizão para Checagem, Eleições 2020

TSE coordinated a fact-checking coalition, comprising nine renowned fact-checking organizations from the media, named “Coalizão para Checagem – Eleições 2020” (Fact-Checking Coalition – 2020 Elections).

Lithuania (Lietuva)

DEBUNK (demaskuok in Lithuanian) is a unique Lithuania-born initiative uniting competing media outlets, journalists, volunteers for a single purpose – to make society more resilient to orchestrated disinformation campaigns.

African Fact-Checking Alliance (AFCA)

The African Fact-Checking Alliance (AFCA) is a network of media and civil society organizations that work to counter misinformation. The network supports fact-checking missions to debunk dangerous content, including conspiracy theories and misinformation.


CrossCheck is a collaborative journalism project that brings together newsrooms across France and beyond to accurately report false and misleading claims.

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