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Systems that document, distribute, and otherwise make legible the legislative process, including parliamentary monitoring.

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My Constitution South Africa

This edition of the South African Constitution has been specially created to be easy to access, read, print and distribute.

Responsive Policy Project

Responsive Policy Project (RPP) lifts the curtain on public policy, making it easy to find, understand, and engage with opaque policy documents. Ultimately, RPP aims to radically transform policy by changing who participates and how.



14110 Rocky Valley Dr, Centreville, VA, USA

GovSight is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit that is building a comprehensive civic information platform to help make citizenship simplified for all.

Invites citizens to share how they'd vote on issues, and track how representatives did

Represent by Pro Publica

Represent by Pro Publica

155 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, USA

See what your representatives in Congress say and do.

Open By-laws South Africa

Open By-laws South Africa is a project to help South Africans be more informed about the legislation that governs them.

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