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There's a rich ecosystem of related and overlapping fields with civic tech, including those that predate civic tech. People define the field with broader or more narrow scopes in mind, so here we track related work areas.

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Data Cívica

Más datos para más personas. Usamos datos, desarrollamos tecnología y capacitamos para construir ciudadanía y organizaciones más fuertes.


Upsolve provides assistance to low-income groups by helping them file for bankruptcy. It provides free online guidance for the entire process with the help of pro bono lawyers.

Justice Tech Catalog

A curated list of 186 criminal justice data and technology projects.

The Open Law Platform

The Open Law Platform empowers you to focus on high-value tasks, auto-updates the legal code as laws become effective, and improves how you connect with citizens.

Uliza Wakili LLP

Uliza Wakili LLP aims to provide low-cost alternative dispute resolution and legal advice to SMEs and startups.


M-Haki allows users to send SMS messages with legal questions, which the organisation’s lawyers and volunteerlawyers answer for a small fee.


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples close an amicable agreement. The chatbot, Alex, provides instant andreal time support to users.


Laudelina is a mobile application, aimed to empower domestic workers. It has an accessible guide to labour rights, abenefits calculator, a list of protection agencies, and an option to create a social network with fellow domestic workers.

Law for Me

LawforMe attempts to make the law and legal processes accessible to all citizens by simplifying Indian laws throughthe use of design and technology.

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