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Verden (Aller), Germany

Die Petitionsplatform von Campact




Daten öffentlich, frei verfügbar und nutzbar zu machen für mehr Transparenz, Innovation und Effizienz — das ist Open Data.


AnimaCité est une application mobile de consultation citoyenne à l'échelle locale.

Spot the Box

Spot the Box

United States of America (the)

Crowd-sourced verification of current US mail box locations

The Coral Project

The Coral Project is an open source project helping publishers of all sizes build better communities around their journalism. Our main tool is Talk.


Involved is an application that connects you with all of your elected officials through polling and direct messaging

UNDP Accelerator Labs

UNDP Accelerator Labs

Level 21, One United Nations Plaza, New York NY 10017

We’re building the world’s largest and fastest learning network around development challenges.

Boston CityScore

Boston CityScore

1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA, United States

CityScore is an initiative designed to inform the Mayor and city managers about the overall health of the City at a moment’s notice by aggregating key performance metrics into one number.

Networked European Democracy

To explore the different ways that people at the local level can influence conversations and policy making at the European level.

Integrity Watch EU

Integrity Watch EU

Brussels, Belgium

User-friendly interactive databse that provides an ovierview of the lobby meetings, EU Lobbyists, MEP incomes, and Revolving Doors at the EU Institutions level.

Solutions Journalism Story Tracker

The Solutions Story Tracker® is a curated, database of rigorous reporting on responses to the world's most pressing social problems.



Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams Road, Columbia, MO 65211, USA

NICAR expanded the Data Journalism listserv to a Spanish language version

Google Digital News Initiative

The Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI Fund) is a European programme that's part of the Google News Initiative, an effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age.

Investigative Dashboard

Investigative Dashboard makes public documents (such as financial or property records) searchable and more useful for journalists investigating money laundering or corruption.

Imamo pravo znati

Dobijte odgovore od Vlade i javnog sektora Make a request for information to a RH public authority: by law, they have to respond Croatian Alvateli site



425 Broadway, New York, NY, USA

Placemeter is an open urban intelligence platform. Create your account to automatically quantify pedestrian and vehicular movement for a selected area: streets, parks, stores, and much more.

Foundation for Public Code

We help Open Source projects for cities become successful, build sustainable communities around them and create a thriving public Open Source ecosystem.

Data for Justice Project

We hope the project will arm activists, advocates, journalists, policy makers, and elected officials with relevant, timely information about how government functions—so we can fix it when it doesn’t.

Tea Base

Tea Base

Chinatown Centre, Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Tea Base is a DIY community art space in the basement of the Chinatown Centre in Toronto.




Popit database and API service that helps you make and maintain information about politicians, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and their memberships in organizations and generates Popolo standard compliant open data to power your project.


Get ready to ride the best motorized skateboard when you buy a Onewheel today! Designed and made in California from the highest quality components.



88 Union Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38103, United States

Preteckt studies vehicle data from buses to predict system failures at least 48 hours before the Check Engine light is activated and the bus must be removed from service. Preteckt’s insights have the potential to reduce time spent on maintenance, prevent service disruptions and reduce fleet costs.

Mudamos signature collection app

Mudamos signature collection app

ITS Rio - Rua da Assembléia - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Empowers citizens to directly present bills. It uses blockchain technology to register citizens' support for the bill.

Project Lemon Aid

Project Lemon Aid matches people awaiting trial behind bars with pro bono lawyers who can represent their case.

Public Square

Public Square

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Public Square is a two-year action research programme that explores how to improve participation at a local government level.

OmaStad Game

OmaStad Game

Helsinki, Finland

A card game for making suggestions on participatory budgeting

Hush City

Hush City

Hardenbergstraße 40, 10623 Berlin, Germany

With Hush City app, you are an active part of a soundscape and citizen science research project to map and evaluate everyday quiet areas.

La Semaine De L'innovation Publique

Parcours interactifs, ateliers, conférences, hackathons, journée portes ouvertes etc. mettent en lumière des méthodes originales pensées par des acteurs locaux pour concevoir plus efficacement les politiques publiques et transformer l'administration.

Carbon Conservation and Dappbase experiment with Indonesian forest fires

Villages in the Indonesian province of Aceh that have successfully reduced forest fires are to be rewarded through a clever new scheme that uses blockchain-based smart contracts. Here's how it...

Outreach center, member CRM and a social lounge combined. It's everything you need to build and manage a thriving community your members will love.

Centre of United Actions

To promote European reforms, advocate transparency and accountability of the government, contribute to enhancing the quality of politics, and fight for the freedom of speech.

Holopolis bot

Holopolis bot allows always available participation. It packages vTaiwan as a contact you can add friend with and share your opinions on cases under discussion.

Libre AI

Libre AI

Dublin, Ireland

Libre is a small design firm that employs AI to craft products and services for clients. "Our mission is to widely disseminate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and make them accessible to the world."

La Constitución de Todos

Una plataforma para crear la Constitución de Todos, entre Todos.

Police Data Initiative

The Police Data Initiative promotes the use of open data to encourage joint problem solving, innovation, enhanced understanding, and accountability between communities and the law enforcement agencies that serve them.

La Asociación de Tecnología, Educación, Desarrollo, Investigación, Comunicación (TEDIC)

Desarrollamos tecnología cívica abierta: Promovemos el uso y desarrollo de software y hardware libre, diseño abierto y datos abiertos. Our mission is to promote the principles of a free culture and defend civil rights on the Internet, fostering spaces for interaction and exchange of knowledge and developing Web tools with open code and design, supported by an alternative and innovative communication and advocacy work.

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