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Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI)

EDGI is an action-oriented research collaborative driven by the Environmental Right to Know (ERTK) – the belief that people should be able to know and make decisions about environmental conditions of concern, and that the collection and stewardship of environmental information should equip people, communities, and workers to protect their health and support the flourishing of surrounding ecosystems.


자신이 주운 쓰레기 종류와 개수 데이터를 실시간으로 누적할 수 있으며, 플로깅을 마치면 GPS기반 소요시간/이동거리 등의 활동 정보가 ‘나의 쓰담기록’으로 저장됩니다. 어플 사용자 간 실시간 랭킹을 확인할 수 있음은 물론, 어플에 개설된 다양한 컨셉의 플로깅 프로그램에 참여할 수 있어 보다 흥미롭게 ‘지구쓰담’을 즐길 수 있습니다. (An app that lets you track your litter collection efforts)


LandOS facilitates project design, due diligence, finance and certification – all key to unlocking supply at scale.

Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism

Africa’s first investigative environmental journalism unit, which combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping to expose offenses and track crime syndicates

Terreform ONE

Terreform ONE is a nonprofit architecture and urban design research group. We endeavor to combat the extinction of planetary species through pioneering acts of design.


We are environmental charity with a unique approach - we use the power of our laws to protect life on Earth.

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