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Election Cyber Readiness Network

IFES’s Election Cyber Readiness Network (ECRN) is designed to bring together key technology partners, election commissions, and other stakeholders to form regional and national strategies to protect elections from digital threats and support long-term electoral integrity.

Mercenários Digitais

Brasil: Investigação transnacional revela empresas de marketing político ligadas à extrema direita


dijitalde eleştirel düşünme becerileri kazandıran, yanlış bilgi sorununa dikkat çeken, teyitçi gibi düşünmeye katkı sağlayan yazılardan oluşur.

Freedom Online Coalition

The Freedom Online Coalition is a partnership of 38 governments, working to advance Internet freedom.

Censor Tracker

Censor Tracker

Russian Federation (the)

Расширение для обхода блокировок и выявления сайтов, которые следят за вами. Мы не зарабатываем на наших пользователях и не заглядываем в ваш трафик. Установить в Chrome Установить в Firefox

Digital Benefits Hub

Digital Benefits Hub

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

A dynamic, open-source reference library for practitioners who are working through complexity to improve access to public benefits and services.

Moja WiFi

Moja WiFi is a turnkey Solution for monetizing public WiFi networks

LAPD to use AI to analyze body cam videos for officers' language use

One of multiple studies in the US using artificial intelligence to analyze the tone and word choice police officers use, to determine whether it leads to unnecessarily escalations with the public..



Sydney NSW, Australia

Elker is an anonymous reporting platform that allows people to speak up about workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.

Climate Advocacy Lab

Climate Advocacy Lab

United States of America (the)

The Lab equips the US climate movement with the evidence-based insights, skills, and connections needed to build durable power and win equitable solutions.


"[V]ictims of violence or bullying can quietly voice activate to record an incident as it is happening and, if necessary, command the app to call the cops." - GovTech Magazine

Center for News, Technology & Innovation

Center for News, Technology & Innovation

United States of America (the)

The Center for News, Technology & Innovation will provide issue primers with research and legislative activity from around the world and host deliberative discussions among thought leaders in journalism, technology, and policy.


Indigenius Keyboard is a smart, multilingual keyboard supporting inclusive digital communication in 180+ Languages.

Bio ID Evaluation Tool

With support from the Omidyar Network, the joint team worked with local researchers in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to extract a snapshot of the state of digital identity, using an evaluation framework specifically designed by CIS for assessing digital identity ecosystems.

Parity Lab

Parity Lab


We Accelerate Innovations That Address Violence Against Women



London, UK

JUST AI is an independent network of researchers and practitioners committed to understanding the social and ethical value of data and AI

The Impact Job

The Impact Job

United States

The Impact Job features handpicked social impact jobs across the fields of nonprofits, climate change, and mission-driven businesses.




Digitizing Local Languages, Localizing Digital access for 1 Billion Africans

African AI Observatory

African AI Observatory

Cape Town, South Africa

Bringing African voices, values and experiences to global debates on AI.

Civic AI Handbook

The Civic AI Handbook is for digital leads of civic organisations who want to develop generative AI strategies for their organisations / departments / teams.

Escola de Ativismo

A Escola de Ativismo é um coletivo independente constituído em 2011 com a missão de fortalecer grupos ativistas por meio de processos de aprendizagem em estratégias e técnicas de ações não-violentas e criativas, campanhas, comunicação, mobilização e segurança e proteção integral, voltadas para a defesa da democracia e dos direitos humanos.

Guia de Proteção para Defensoras e Defensores de Direitos Humanos

A publicação visa colaborar na construção de estratégias de proteção, fomentando oficinas coletivas com defensoras e defensores de direitos humanos (DDHs), movimentos sociais e organizações da sociedade civil.




A MariaLab é uma associação sem fins lucrativos, sem vínculo político-partidário e com empresas do setor privado, que atua na intersecção entre política, gênero e suas tecnologias.

Ceno Browser

Ceno (short for!) is the world’s first mobile browser that side-steps current Internet censorship methods. Its peer-to-peer backbone allows people to access and share web information in and across regions where connectivity has been interrupted or compromised.

POPVOX Foundation

POPVOX Foundation

United States of America (the)

POPVOX Foundation works to inform and empower people and make government work better for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence for the Legislative Branch

POPVOX Foundation is working with Demand Progress and the Foundation for American Innovation (formerly the Lincoln Network) to facilitate information-sharing and best practices for the testing, deployment and oversight of automated technologies including Large Language Models (LLMs) in the legislative branch.


OSLabs is a nonprofit tech accelerator devoted to furthering high-impact open source software within a collaborative community of dedicated engineers and mentors.

House Digital Service

Solving technological problems in the legislative process for House of Representatives Members, Committees, and staff.

CampaignTech Awards

CampaignTech Awards

United States of America (the)

The CampaignTech Awards by Campaigns & Elections recognize the truly exceptional in the field of political campaign technology, digital strategy, tactics, and techniques.




Dive is not just an AI assistant; it's your partner in optimizing meetings for maximum efficiency.

#CityHallSelfie Day

#CityHallSelfie Day is a celebration of public service showcasing pride in local government institutions.

Community Tech Alliance

We build and maintain data systems designed for the specific data needs of progressive organizations.

Democratic Data Exchange

Expanding the Democratic and progressive data ecosystem by facilitating a real time, blind exchange of voter contact data across the Left.

reframe[Tech] – Algorithms for the Common Good

In the project “reframe[Tech] – Algorithms for the Common Good”, we are committed to ensuring that efforts to develop and use algorithms and artificial intelligence are more closely aligned with the common good.

The Australian Ad Observatory

The Australian Ad Observatory project is enabling independent research into the role that algorithmically targeted advertising plays in society.

tlab پایگاه شفافیت ایران

“Transparency Lab” (tlab) is a project that aims to map existing policy and legislation in relation to transparency, corruption and accountability in Iran; to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to introduce international standards, values and policy recommendations to the discussion about transparency, corruption and accountability in the country.


A mobile app to help humanitarians find their ideal role. Search for jobs and filter via organisation, location, experience and career category. Save jobs to your library, share with others and apply directly through the app.

ReliefWeb Numbers

The new ReliefWeb Numbers site aims to deliver easily discoverable topline numbers on the world's most pressing humanitarian crises.

ReliefWeb ICT Jobs

Over 3,500 jobs, internships, consultancies, and volunteer opportunities in disaster response and humanitarian relief

Humanitarian ID

Humanitarian ID is an authentication service managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).

USAID One Window for Citizens

USAID launched IVR and Facebook chatbot tools that will provide Cambodian citizens clear, transparent information on public services available to them through the Royal Cambodian Government’s One Window Service Offices (OWSO).

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