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Factchecking is a longstanding approach to fighting disinformation, where individual claims, speeches, and rumors can be researched and verified or debunked.

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Congo Check est un média spécialisé dans la vérification des faits ou factchecking. Congo Check est un projet de l'ASBL/ONG Initiative des fact-chechekers du Congo, IFC.

Claim Buster

"Claim Buster allows for fact checking of individual personal claims or claims by public officials. Users can insert their own claims or links to claims said publically to find out their factuality." - Countering Disinfo


ZimFact is an independent, non-partisan Zimbabwean online fact-checking platform.


Provides fact checking, explainers, and analytical articles, especially on issues of economic reform in Ukraine.


An open source platform aiming to engage communities and citizen journalists alongside newsroom and freelance journalists for collaborative, decentralised content verification, tracking, and debunking.

Vishvas News

Vishvas News is an information fact-check and verification portal that is committed to debunking fake news and misinformation in Hindi, English and 10 different Indic languages.


Verify-Sy platform is a media platform specialized in examining news and images and verifying information, and Verify-Sy platform seeks to achieve two noble goals: ensuring the citizen's right to obtain accurate and correct information, and contributing as much as possible to improving the performance of the Syrian media and upgrading it by displaying the imbalances that affect it.


Mission: Determine the veracity of the political statements that refer to specific data based on their contrast with reliable sources.

VERA Files Fact Check

VERA Files is a nonstock, nonprofit independent media organization.

Twitter Trails

a tool that allows members of the media to track the trustworthiness of stories shared on Twitter.

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