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Disinformation campaigns by states, economic opportunists, and the misinformed themselves threaten to erode the common understandings, shared identities, and empirical bedrock that underlies our collective decisionmaking. While disinformation campaigns have used mass media to spread for many years, social media platforms have proven an exceptionally hospitable environment for the proliferation of falsehoods. Those looking to limit disinformation’s effect on society and bolster truth in media have likewise turned to technology to help keep up with the volume and precision of constantly evolving disinformation campaigns.

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One of Tattle's goals is to make stories fact-checking content circulated on chat apps and social media more accessible to mobile first users. To make the content accessible, Tattle wants the content to be discoverable through image search and video search. To implement search, Tattle needs the multi-media content inside the stories from fact-checking sites, linked with the sites that it is coming from.

PolétikaRD Chequeos

PolétikaRD Chequeos

C. Josefa Perdomo 160 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Fact-checking in the Dominican Republic

WhatsApp archiver

The WhatsApp archiver consolidates chat files exported from different WhatsApp conversations into one database. The scraper relies on WhatsApp's export chat feature which allows 40,000 messages to be exported without media and 10,000 to be exported with media. If a media item has not been downloaded to your phone, it cannot be exported through the export chat feature. The archiver removes overlaps in different files exported from a chat; and anonymizes sender and group names.


Voy a extraer por vos los subtítulos generados automáticamente por Youtube.

Media Matters for Democracy Courses

Two courses - Understanding Citizen Journalism and Digital Disinformation and Journalistic Responsibilities

Data & Society Disinformation Action Lab

The Disinformation Action Lab (DAL) at Data & Society forges new approaches to address the complex dynamics underpinning the spread of propaganda and disinformation. Last publication December 2020.

Cite Unseen

Cite Unseen is a Wikipedia user script that helps readers quickly evaluate the sources used in a given English Wikipedia article. The script adds iconic indicators to identified sources that indicate various attributes of the source, such as if the source is a news article, opinion piece, or government-controlled.


Wikimedians Strengthening Knowledge and News Credibility on the Internet


El Chequeador es una plataforma educativa diseñada por el equipo de Chequeado para el desarrollo de cursos virtuales sobre Alfabetización Mediática e Informacional, desinformación, fact checking y otros temas relacionados.

Chequeo Colectivo

Es una plataforma abierta para verificar contenidos a pedido de la comunidad.

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