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Disinformation campaigns by states, economic opportunists, and the misinformed themselves threaten to erode the common understandings, shared identities, and empirical bedrock that underlies our collective decisionmaking. While disinformation campaigns have used mass media to spread for many years, social media platforms have proven an exceptionally hospitable environment for the proliferation of falsehoods. Those looking to limit disinformation’s effect on society and bolster truth in media have likewise turned to technology to help keep up with the volume and precision of constantly evolving disinformation campaigns.

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Interactive Media Bias Chart

A chart of thousands of media sources based on source reliability and surveys of perceived political biases

Ellinika Hoaxes

Τα «» είναι ο μοναδικός ελληνικός ιστότοπος κατά της παραπληροφόρησης και η μοναδική συντονισμένη προσπάθεια κατάρριψης αναληθών δημοσιευμάτων στο ελληνικό διαδίκτυο. Εργαλεία μας, η έρευνα, η συλλογή στοιχείων και πληροφοριών από αξιόπιστες πηγές και σωστή αξιολόγηση τους.

The Propagandists' Playbook

The Propagandists' Playbook

United States of America

How Conservative Elites Manipulate Search and Threaten Democracy, by Francesca Bolla Tripodi

Cazadores de Fake News

Somos una comunidad crowdsourcing que monitorea la desinformación difundidas en cadenas de WhatsApp y redes sociales entre venezolanos. Nuestro centro de operaciones es un grupo de Telegram abierto en el que analizamos colectivamente la información que recibimos.

The Demography Project TikTok

IDADI is our flagship data journalism project, in collaboration with The Infographics Studio, to disseminate, visualize and democratize official data on TikTok to allow Kenyans participate in decision making and enhance government accountability.

Hoax Buster Tools

Mobile app to help easily check the veracity of an information - article, image, video, etc.

Brown Information Futures Lab

Our lab is where technology, innovation, policy and community meet, one pilot at a time.

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