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Modern media literacy programs and tech to inoculate people from the misinformation they encounter

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European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO)

the EU’s largest interdisciplinary network to  counter disinformation.



Vilnius, Lithuania

"S.T.I.R.NA" is an initiative aimed at providing information about media owners and ad spending in a simple and convenient manner.



Hungary (Magyarország)

Google Chrome Add-on for selecting the most interesting articles of the propaganda news website.



Turkey (Turkiye)

dijitalde eleştirel düşünme becerileri kazandıran, yanlış bilgi sorununa dikkat çeken, teyitçi gibi düşünmeye katkı sağlayan yazılardan oluşur.



Paris, France

Ersilia Est Une Plateforme Collaborative D’éducation À L’image

Stop Your Government

The interactive story game aims to inspire young people to stand for what they believe is right and become active in civil society and non-governmental organizations.

Civic Listening Corps

The CLC is a volunteer network of individuals trained to monitor for, critically evaluate, and report misinformation on diverse topics central to our civic life: voting, elections, public health, civil rights, and other important issues.


Established on the 18th of July 2001, Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization driving change through innovations in three key areas: using new digital technologies to enable good governance and accountability, new media and innovations, and driving oversight for effective utilisation of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.

Viral Spiral

Viral Spiral

India (Bhārat)

Viral Spiral is an adaptive digital card game about sharing news on the Internet. The game reflects the ways and reasons misinformation is shared, letting players experience first hand the temptation to share fake news for their own gain and face the consequences of the harm it causes around them.

Media Matters for Democracy Courses

Two courses - Understanding Citizen Journalism and Digital Disinformation and Journalistic Responsibilities


Checkology’s lessons and other resources show you how to navigate today’s challenging information landscape.

CrashCourse Media Literacy

In 12 episodes, Jay Smooth teaches you Media Literacy! Based on an introductory college level curriculum, this series takes you through the history and psychology of media and gives you the skills to become more media savvy.

Digital Enquirer Kit

The Digital Enquirer Kit is centered around misinformation, fact-based research and digital security.


The Digital Literacy Curriculum, focused on disinfo detection, was developed with the Finnish government for integration in schools, supported by the EU Parliament.

First Draft News resources

First Draft News resources

Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

These online courses, toolkits and resources are designed to help both journalists and the public build expertise and stay one step ahead of misinformation.

Annir Initiative

Annir Initiative

Libya (Libiyah)

Annir is a non-partisan digital initiative specialized in raising awareness about Media & Information Literacy and Digital Safety.

Humble Media Genius

PBS youth media literacy effort. "This is a pilot – a test – with Ruff Ruffman videos looking at the red-hot topic of how kids can and should use media and technology."

RESIST Counter Disinformation Toolkit

RESIST Counter Disinformation Toolkit

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

UK government toolkit to help support the dissemination of reliable, truthful information that underpins our democracy.

UNESCO's online media & information literacy (MIL) course

Faced with the choice between privacy and safety on the Internet, between freely expressing themselves and the ethical use of information, the media and technology – women, men and young boys and girls need new types of competencies.

Sure and Share Center

Sure and Share Center

Thailand (Prathet Thai)

Thai News Agency’s ‘Sure andShare’ project, which encourages audience members to submit questions they have about content, rumours or stories circulating on the messaging app LINE.


The non­governmental organization Media Reforms Center is an educational platform, founded by Mohyla School of Journalism at National University of ‘Kyiv­Mohyla Academy’, which aims to implement high standards of journalism education in Ukraine, raise the level of media literacy, inform about the danger of propaganda and dissemination of fake information in the media.

Putting Civic Online Reason In Civics Class

The COR curriculum was developed by the Stanford History Education Group as part of MediaWise—a partnership of SHEG, the Poynter Institute, and the Local Media Association.


SiBerkreasi is a national movement to overcome the biggest potential threats that are being faced by Indonesia, namely the spread of negative content through the internet such as hoaxes, cyberbullying and online radicalism.

Sobrevivendo nas Redes (Surviving on the networks)

The "Surviving the Networks" project aims to strengthen civic culture in Brazil by offering information and strategies on how to better inform oneself in social networks.

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information MEMORY AND DISINFORMATION STUDIES

Within the disinformation and memory studies direction, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) team is developing tools in several ways.

Learn to Discern (L2D) - Media Literacy Training

IREX’s Learn to Discern approach helps citizens recognize and resist disinformation, propaganda, and hate speech.

Project Look Sharp Media Curriculum

Project Look Sharp is a nonprofit, mission-driven outreach program of Ithaca College.


OwlFactor automatically calculates the quality of an article based on four factors

NewseumED offers free resources to cultivate the First Amendment and media literacy skills essential to civic life.



India (Bhārat)

Strengthening our resolve to support the fight against misinformation in India, Internews is delighted to announce that in partnership with DataLEADS and with the support of, we will be launching a new news literacy project in India aimed at empowering the general public by helping them learn how to critically assess the information they see online and navigate news.

News Literacy Project

"The News Literacy Project is a national education nonprofit offering nonpartisan, independent programs that teach students how to know what to believe in the digital age." -

Media LIT

EDx course on media literacy. It helps us understand, analyze and create media.

Calling Bullshit course

Each of our lectures will explore one specific facet of bullshit. For each week, a set of required readings are assigned. For some weeks, supplementary readings are also provided for those who wish to delve deeper.

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