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Designers will often capture their methods into 'playbooks', which are portable collections of options that others can pick up and adapt to their own context. Likewise, design principles establish core principles by which a given organization or office operates.

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Atlassian Team Playbook

Atlassian Team Playbook

341 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


Digital Transparency in the Public Realm

This project seeks to facilitate the co-creation of prototypes that can advance digital transparency and enable agency in the world's public spaces.

Implementing Innovation

​Implementing Innovation: A User’s Manual for Open Government Programs is a hands-on resource that provides practical advice and guidance for government changemakers as they navigate the specific challenges of implementing innovative programs in the public sector.

Eines per a una transformació digital oberta i àgil

El programa per a la Digitalització Oberta: Programari Lliure i Desenvolupament Àgil de Serveis de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona defineix el procés de canvi profund i progressiu de la manera en que la ciutat oferirà els seus serveis a la ciutadania en els propers anys.

Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkits

Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkits

State Administration Centre, 200, Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

To assist agencies to modernise and transform their government services, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has developed these four toolkits.

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