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This is our collection of discrete tech-supported campaigns designed to create a change in the world. A campaign is the method in which we organize people to shift power. Technology has changed how campaigns operate, for the better (it's never been easier or cheaper to reach and organize large numbers of people) and the worse (private data has been used to profile voters, and technology is accused of facilitating shallower relationships between supporters).

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Accept my IBAN

IBAN discrimination is when a bank or company doesn’t accept your IBAN because it’s not from the same country in which the bank or company is based.

2020 Election Marketing Report

97th Floor pulled thousands of digital ads, reviewed millions of dollars in ad spend, poured over scores of landing pages, read hundreds of emails, and spent entire days looking at websites, mobile apps, and social media accounts — they even donated $100 to both campaigns to see emails and ad retargeting strategies first-hand.

596 Acres

596 Acres built tools to help neighbors see vacant lots as opportunities and create needed green spaces that become focal points for community organizing and civic engagement.

Open Seneca

Distributing air sensors to volunteer cyclists to map pollution data throughout Lisbon Sensores distribuídos. Cinco dezenas de ciclistas vão andar a medir a poluição atmosférica – Lisboa Para Pessoas

Interference Archive

Interference Archive is a volunteer-run library, gallery, and archive of historical materials related to social and political activism and movements.

Public Bank LA

Banking as a public utility is a proven model worldwide. Public banks keep money local and cut costs by eliminating middlemen, shareholders and high-paid executives.

Archiving local political websites

Websites for local candidates disappear after elections. We’re going to save them.

RNW Media

RNW Media is a centre of expertise that builds digital communities for social change.

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